Elden Ring Fan’s detailed gear guide is vital for new players

An Elden Ring fan has produced an awesome starter guide for all of the game’s starting classes, outlining the gear players should look out for.

A new fan-made character creation guide on Reddit is essential for newcomers Ring of Elden. Although Ring of Elden is the latest of FromSoftware’s “soulsborne” games, and is different from previous titles in many ways, the high level of difficulty that fans have grown accustomed to is still present. Those who enter the subgenre will for the first time need all the help it can get if it wants to tackle the notorious game.

Since the beginning of the series with Demon’s Souls, Soulsborne games have a knack for building a strong community within their player bases. Similar to each title’s cryptic communication system, Soulsborne fans have a unique way to connect outside of the games themselves. Reddit has long been a place where gamers talk about their passion for the deep lore and systems of games. The platform allowed players to find help with the games’ tough boss battles and discuss the deep and dark lore that tends to show up in every title. Ring of Elden is FromSoftware’s best-selling game to date, which means the Reddit community for the title is particularly strong.


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Recently, a detailed equipment and construction guide has been created by a Ring of Elden fan known as Leesinmain which is a vital tool for new players. The guide outlines ten different build paths, which cover different types of character classes. Each build path outlines skill distribution, weapon, armor, and talisman options. The ten distinct class builds are segmented into three parts based on player level, making them extremely accessible and useful for all players. The post creator describes these class constructs as “fun” and “powerful“, noting that experienced players might want to use them for new characters, as they perceive Ring of Eldenthe new game mode plus will be “terribly boringThese skill and gear builds are class-themed, with options for nearly every type of character one could wish to create.

See the guide on Reddit here.

Role-playing is at the heart of what makes Ring of Elden and other souls carried games so much fun for many players. One can create almost any type of character one can think of in the high fantasy world of the title. That said, these class builds on Reddit give players a consistent way to do so. As the guide covers all playstyles and gear types, it’s a great resource for those who want to dive deep into the roleplaying aspect of Ring of Elden.

Beyond engaging role-playing for fans familiar with Soulsborne games, the function of these building paths should not be underestimated. While the soulsborne player base has only grown over time and now includes many experienced players, Ring of Elden could very well have more newcomers than ever before. These gear guides are perhaps most important for those players, who are new to this style of play. Players with no prior experience in the genre now has a great avenue to discover Ring of Elden with guided steering.

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Source: Leesinmain/Reddit

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