“Emirates Education” sets first half results announcement dates

The UAE Foundation for School Education has indicated that the announcement of exam results for the first semester of the current school year will be announced in stages, following a special timeline for each seminar.
The Foundation has set next Monday (January 10) as the date for the announcement of the results of the students of the third cycle (from ninth to twelfth grade), because the announcement of the results will start from three in the afternoon. .
While the Foundation will begin to announce the results of the second episode for grades 5 to 8, at three in the afternoon next Tuesday (January 11).
The results of the first semester will be revealed during the announcement of the results of the students of the first cycle, the first to the fourth year, Wednesday January 12 at 3:00 p.m.
The institution will provide the students’ grades to the “Al-Manhal” system within the specified time frame.
According to the chronology of the announcement of the results, the students will be able to print their academic certificates the same day of their announcement, according to each seminar and the date of announcement of the result of their application, from ten in the evening until six time. in the morning every day, for technical and technical purposes.
Principals will receive all feedback on student or parent performance until January 21, 2022, at most, through school-to-parent communication channels, or through the link https: // parentsshare. moe.gov.ae/complain /
The Foundation explained that principals can view the details of any student’s result through the “Swift Access and Al Manhal” system and discuss them with those concerned, and we also ask you to work to provide answers. clear and decisive to the people concerned. done by the administration of the school and the institution only, without the parents needing to review the headquarters of the institution or its branches. The Foundation will communicate with the departments directly through the approved communication channels and provide the appropriate advice based on each case to provide the response to the student or tutor who has the request.
The certificate is issued descriptively in letters only for all subjects in groups A and B, and clarifies the descriptive measures of performance levels, and the certificate does not include a final average for the student in the stages mentioned.
It is not allowed to print the student answer sheet. The authority of the school principal in the system (Swift Asus) is limited to reviewing the performance report of students at the end of semester exam, providing them with support and knowing the missing skills and making them more effective in reaching the reality of the educational process in the field, with the aim of giving a precise picture of the academic and cognitive progress of the students during the three semesters. .
There is also no other alternative period for the end of the first semester exam, and the student being absent with an acceptable excuse, his absence does not affect the overall mark at the end of the exam. year.
In the performance review mechanism, the team is responsible for reviewing the requests it receives and verifying the adequacy of the information referred to in the objection and attached documents. The Head of the Student Affairs Unit checks and verifies the correctness of the application data (according to the criteria and requirements of the objection categories).
In addition to reviewing all data contained in the objection and verifying its integrity (verify the integrity of the evaluation of the degree of evaluation and monitor it with the Al-Manhal system and review the end of test report semester via the Swift Foundations system).
The request is studied by the committee within (5) working days, and the request is answered (rejection or acceptance of the objection, request for further information or transfer of the request to the technical or technical committee of the establishment to obtain support and contact details with them.

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