Emirates News Agency – Guardiola’s record backs Manchester City against Real in Champions League semi-final second leg

ABU DHABI, May 1 /WAM/ When Manchester City meet Real Madrid next Wednesday in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals, the experience of both teams’ coaches will play an important role in resolving the confrontation, especially in light of the first leg result which ended in a 4.-3 victory for Manchester City.

The Spanish coaches Josep Guardiola, the Manchester City coach and the English coach, Carlo Ancelotti, the Real Madrid coach, have a lot of experience against the opponent he faces in this match, but the record of Coaching in these clashes varies in favor of Guardiola, who has an excellent record against Real.

Guardiola is playing his 21st game against Real Madrid, where the Spanish coach has had numerous clashes with the Royal Club since coaching Barcelona, ​​and extended after coaching Bayern Munich and then his current side Manchester City.

The stats testify to Guardiola’s clear superiority against Real Madrid, which supports Manchester City’s chances in this upcoming clash, and it’s enough that Guardiola has led Manchester City to beat Real in the last three games between the two sides. .

In Guardiola’s last 20 appearances against Real, the Spanish manager has led his teams to win 12 matches, draw four and lose just four matches.

Among those matches were 15 games for Guardiola as Barcelona manager, as he led Bayern in two games against Real Madrid, and next Wednesday’s game will be his fourth with Manchester City against Real. .

In Guardiola’s last 20 meetings with Real, Guardiola’s players have scored 41 goals and conceded 25 times.

Guardiola’s biggest win against Real was when he led Barcelona to a 5-0 victory over the Royal team on November 29, 2010. Guardiola also won with Barcelona a year and a half before Real Madrid 6-2 , in one of the most famous El Clasico matches, while Guardiola’s worst defeat was in these confrontations when he lost 0-4 against Bayern Munich in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals in 2014, and Guardiola described that loss as the worst of his coaching career.

By contrast, Ancelotti has a modest record against Manchester City, where that side have met in nine previous matches, in which he has won one and lost eight.

Last Tuesday’s match between the two teams brought Ancelotti’s goals against Manchester City to ten, while the Italian coach’s teams conceded 23 times against the same team.

Ancelotti’s only victory over Manchester City was when he led Chelsea to a 2-0 win, while the biggest loss was when he fell with his former side Everton to Manchester City with five clear goals.

The gap is clear between the results of the coaches before the return match between Real and Manchester City on Wednesday, considered favorable to Guardiola and his team against Real.

It should be noted that the clashes between Guardiola and Ancelotti themselves work in Guardiola’s favor as next Wednesday’s match will be the seventh between them, regardless of which clubs each of them has coached.

In the last seven matches between them, Guardiola has won five matches compared to Ancelotti’s only two.

Ancelotti won his victory over Guardiola when he was manager of Real and Guardiola was manager of Bayern Munich, where he beat him in the semi-finals of the Champions League.

But Guardiola got revenge with five straight wins, all in his career with Manchester City, as he led them to a 2-1 victory over Everton in the 2019/2020 season, then 3-1 and 5-0 against the same team the following season, and also beat Everton 2-0. In the FA Cup quarter-finals the same season.

Guardiola’s fifth win over Ancelotti last Tuesday came 4-3 in the Champions League.

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