Emirates News Agency – ‘Ministry of Health and Community Welfare’ announces registration of 3 new cases of ‘monkey pox’ in the country

ABU DHABI, 29th May, 2020 (WAM) — The Ministry of Health and Community Welfare has announced the registration of 3 new cases of ‘monkeypox’ in the country, in line with the policy followed by the health authorities for surveillance and early investigation of the disease.

The ministry confirmed that monkeypox is a contagious viral disease, but its modes of spread are limited compared to the “Covid-19” virus, and it is the most important mode of transmission from one person to another by contact with body fluids and respiratory droplets. , contact with skin lesions of an infected person and contact with surfaces contaminated by the fluids of the infected person or by the placenta of the pregnant mother to her fetus.

The ministry recommended community members to follow all preventive safety and health measures, take preventive measures when traveling and gathering, and avoid dangerous and unhealthy behaviors.

The Ministry of Health and Community Welfare has reassured community members that the country’s health authorities are taking all necessary measures, including investigation, contact screening and follow-up, in addition to working continuous and diligent to ensure the preparation of the health sector to face all epidemics and infectious diseases.

And she stressed that all health authorities in the country are adopting a unified national guide for treating those infected and those in contact with monkeypox, which includes the complete isolation of infected people in hospitals until they recover, the quarantine of close contacts for a period of at least 21 years. days at home, and monitor their health, while ensuring their commitment to the hearth stone.

The ministry appealed to the honorable public to take information from official sources in the country and avoid spreading rumors and false information, rather than the importance of following developments and instructions issued by health authorities.

Wam / Asim Al-Khouli

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