Employment trends for 2022 in Canada

As the job market continues to shift amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a new report suggests employers are looking for candidates whose skills weren’t as relevant before 2020, including experience in virtual customer service and respect for safety.

According to Randstad Canada’s annual career forecast for 2022, COVID-19 isn’t the only factor impacting employers’ priorities when hiring new workers.

The HR services company says economic pressures, changing customer preferences, competitive markets and regulatory demands have also forced companies to become more efficient and reassess their business models.

“Again this year, we expect job seekers to be spoiled for choice if they have the skills that employers are looking for,” Patrick Poulin, group president of Randstad Canada, said in a statement.

Randstad says skills such as budgeting, accounting and quality control have become “of paramount importance” for employers trying to run a successful business during the pandemic.

According to the report, the “most in-demand professionals” for 2022 are customer service representatives, salespeople and scheduling specialists, in addition to budgeting and accounting positions.

Randstad Canada’s full list of fastest growing roles for 2022 includes:

  1. Customer Service Representatives

  2. Scheduling specialists

  3. Sales representatives

  4. Cleaning specialists

  5. Repair and maintenance workers

  6. Budget specialists

  7. Project management

  8. Quality control specialists

  9. Administrative Assistants

  10. accountants

While retail workers and cashiers were in high demand in 2021, according to the report, customer service representatives are “now more important than ever” to businesses.

As consumers focus more on shopping online, Randstad said companies have noticed that even a single bad experience with a brand will send shoppers elsewhere.

“That’s why roles like customer service representatives and administrative assistants have come to the fore,” according to the report.

Randstad noted that planning specialists are a new role added to this year’s roster due to the increased need for businesses to adhere to safety protocols amid COVID-19.

To ensure a safe work environment, the report says more and more employers are using “intelligent scheduling software” to meet public health measures and still be able to meet consumer needs. .

“Initially, organizations focused on ensuring their workforces had the technology and security they needed to stay operational. Now, the focus is on the long-term need to drive sales, to provide best-in-class customer service, to provide a safe environment for their employees and customers and to effectively manage their budgets,” Poulin said in the statement.

“From an employee perspective, it gives Canadians the opportunity to upgrade, refine and repurpose skills they may have used in previous roles,” he added.

And the latest data shows that employees may already be taking advantage of it.

According to Indeed’s latest job search survey, the proportion of Canadians actively looking for work rose in December, with greater job search activity reported among those with a job or no.

Of Canadians surveyed, 34% said they were actively looking for work, which economist Brandon Bernard called a “statistically significant increase” from the 28% reported in November.

Additionally, Indeed’s survey found that both employed and unemployed job seekers were more confident in their skills to find work quickly in December than in November.

“The question for the coming months is whether job search activity and confidence can remain robust despite the short-term economic hit from the surge in new COVID-19 cases that began towards the end of the year,” said Bernard.


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