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He accused the EU of looking away and being too preoccupied with its “dream of EU unity” to focus on threats from aggressive world powers like Russia and China. Mr Shields, a former RAF Navigator, told “The EU is so concerned with its internal problems and the dream of greater EU unity than it has not the means to focus on what I think are far bigger problems, the problems of international politics.

“The threat from Putin and China and the challenges to the very ideas of Western democracy and even Western domination. “

He called on NATO to be united in its response to threats to invade Ukraine by Russia and Putin.

Mr Shields said: “My prediction that 2022 will be an interesting and challenging year for international politics.

“Divisions within what I now call the ‘Disunited States of America’, the huge problems in the former Soviet Union and the way Putin is turning the clock back in Russia to Soviet times, and the problems in China.

“I think we need a much more united and unified voice and even international political leadership from NATO.

“The problem I think NATO faces is a disunited America – I have never known an America as polarized as it is now, to a much greater extent even in the 1960s when racism was at its peak.

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His warning comes after Foreign Minister Liz Truss said Russia had “no justification” for its aggression against Ukraine.

The foreign minister, who plans to visit Kiev later this month, warned that any Russian military incursion into Ukraine would be a “massive strategic mistake” and “would have a high cost,” including the prospect of ” coordinated sanctions “to strike the interests and the economy of the country.

Ms Truss, making a statement in the House of Commons, said the UK’s commitment to Ukraine was “unwavering”. It joins its allies in defending “democracy at the frontiers of freedom in Eastern Europe and in the world”.

She added: “We will not accept Russia’s campaign to overthrow its Democratic neighbors. It comes with baseless rhetoric and misinformation.

“They have falsely presented Ukraine as a threat to justify their aggressive stance. They falsely accuse NATO of provocation; this could not be further from the truth.

“Russia is the aggressor here. They have massed large numbers of troops along the Ukrainian border and into illegally annexed Crimea.

“There is no justification for Russia’s belligerent stance towards Ukraine. It is unprovoked and part of a larger Kremlin pattern of behavior, which relies on disinformation and mistrust to seek to gain the upper hand. “

When asked if he believed Putin’s troops would invade Ukraine, Mr. Shields added: “Putin is extremely astute, very attuned to the piped music of the Russian people.

“One way to understand Russians is that they admire a strong leader.

“If he can keep playing tough without having to resort to invasion, he will.”

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