Every rumor and leak about Fuecoco

In some months, Pokemon fans will be able to enjoy the next entry in the series, Pokemon scarlet and violet. One of the most exciting parts of it all Pokemon The game selects a starter Pokemon, and Generation Nine starters are some of the most impressive yet. For Grass-Type fans there’s Sprigatito the feline, while Water-Type fans can select Quaxly the cute duckling. Fire-Type fans are also in luck because Pokemon scarlet and violet presents Fuecoco the fiery crocodile.


A recent trailer revealed more about the upcoming game, revealing a few new Pokemon and a bit more about the new region. Many new features have been included and players will be able to attend Pokemon Academy and explore Paldea by jumping on one of the two Legendary Pokemon. However, some things haven’t changed, and the object of the game is still to become the greatest Pokémon trainer, which means having the strongest Pokémon. Players have been curious to learn more about the evolved forms of starters, including Fuecoco, though The Pokemon Company hasn’t released any official information yet. Therefore, players had to rely on leaks.

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Fan theories around Fuecoco

Fuecoco is a red bipedal Pokémon with large jaws that make it look like a cheeky crocodile. According to The Pokemon Company, Fuecoco is laid back and loves to eat. Fan theories regarding the Pokemon starter have proposed that water-type starters are inspired by weapons, grass-type starters are inspired by prehistoric animals, and fire-type starters are based on the Chinese zodiac. It seems the theory holds some weight for fire-type starters, as Charizard looks like a dragon, Emboar looks like a pig, and Incineroar is inspired by a tiger, to name a few examples.

Animals that have not been used include an ox, sheep, horse, and snake. Therefore, with the arrival of Fuecoco, Pokemon fans suspect that the Chinese zodiac theme has been broken, as the crocodile-like Pokemon is unlikely to evolve into one of these animals. However, some players have speculated that it may evolve into a serpentine creature, allowing the Chinese zodiac theme to continue. This, however, seems unlikely.

Fans also debated what food Fuecoco could take inspiration from. There have been plenty of Pokemon that look like food, Vanillite being just one example. Popular theories have claimed that Fuecoco is inspired by a chili pepper due to its color and shape, or an apple with a bite. Proponents of the chili pepper theory also propose that Fuecoco’s final evolution will be Fire/Ghost type, making the Pokemon a game about ghost peppers. However, the second Pokemon scarlet and violet The trailer gave credence to the apple theory, as Fuecoco was seen next to an apple.

Using hints from trailers, players have concluded that the upcoming Pokemon region, Paldea, draws inspiration from Spain, although it can also draw from other countries on the Iberian Peninsula, including Portugal. Although not in the Iberian Peninsula, some players have speculated that the game may also draw inspiration from Peruvian culture and that Fuecoco may be based on Morrop, a Peruvian god also known as Iguana Man. In keeping with this theme, it is assumed that the Pokemon will have an egg on its head in its mid-evolution and a bird in its final evolution. This theory may sound far-fetched, but it matches some leaks from credible sources.

Leaks and rumors surrounding Fuecoco

Instead of official information from The Pokemon Company, leaks cropped up aplenty, and a good percentage of them turned out to be accurate. A leaker named @realblaines claimed that the mid-evolution of Fuecoco will feature an unhatched fire egg on the Pokemon’s head, and the egg turns into a flame bird in the final evolution. This may confirm theories that Fuecoco is based on Morrop, although it’s also possible that the Pokémon is based on the Egyptian plover which is known to pluck rotting meat from the mouths of crocodiles.

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The lessor is relatively unknown, although those details have since been confirmed by Riddler Khu, a lessor with a good track record. According to Riddler Khu, Fuecoco’s final evolution is fire/ghost type, while Sprigatito’s final evolution is grass/dark type, and Quaxly’s final evolution is water/fighting type. A recent riddle from Khu suggested that Fuecoco’s hidden ability is berry-based, which opens the door for the creature to have abilities like Gluttony and Ripen.

Leaker @CentroLeaks has had a good track record of leaking information regarding previous Pokemon titles, and they were successful in leaking Terastallization and Pokemon Scarlet and VioletThis is the new name of the region before it was officially announced. They provided a rough sketch of Fuecoco’s final evolution, and it shows the four-legged Pokemon like a lizard. Like the other leaks, it depicts the final evolution of Fuecoco with a fiery bird on its head. Giving further clues to Pokémon evolutions, @CentroLeaks claimed that the middle evolution relies on two legs while the final evolution relies on four. They also posted an emoji of a man singing into a microphone, which could suggest that the Pokémon can use sound movements that could be generated by either the croc or the bird on its head.

Numerous leaks seem to corroborate a few key points. Most notably, they all claim that Fuecoco will have a flaming egg and then a flaming bird. They also claim that the final evolution will be on all fours. The alleged Fire/Ghost Typing also makes for an interesting combination, while the potential berry-based hidden ability could make Fuecoco a powerful Pokémon in the competitive arena. Fortunately, Pokemon fans won’t have to wait much longer to receive more official news about Fuecoco and its evolutions, because Pokemon scarlet and violetThe release date is not far off.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are set to release on November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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