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The true identity of pop culture Instagrammer DeuxMoi seems to have been revealed, and it seems there is not one, but two bloggers running the celebrity gossip account.

Internet culture journalist Brian Feldmanwhose background includes working for New York Magazine, published a newsletter on Monday that documented his detailed research on the matter.


Feldman explored the creation of the “popular Instagram account and fledgling media brand known as DeuxMoi,” noting the property launched in the 2010s as a blog run by two anonymous women working in the fashion industry.

Then he lay dormant until the coronavirus pandemic hit. “The rest, as they say, is history,” he explained.

Meggie Kempnergranddaughter of a famous socialite, is the reported founder while Melissa Lovallostill directs it.


Feldman figured it out by piecing together all the clues, sifting through old social media posts and tags to figure out exactly who was behind the account, which now has more than 1.5 million followers. Additionally, Feldman dug up an old YouTube video of them outside in “disguise,” also noting that the audio seemed to match.

He pointed out that new moderators might have taken over at this point, although that doesn’t seem as likely.

“There’s a very small chance TwoMe could now be someone else, but that doesn’t align with TwoMe’s own statements that they’re one of the original co-creators of the brand,” Feldman added. .

The TwoMe co-founders previously explained why they kept their name a secret to the Daily Front Row in 2015, revealing that they wanted to be able to share their content candidly.

Ross Patten/Photoshot/Newscom/The Mega Agency

“We also wanted to be able to say f— and s— without our parents feeling embarrassed,” they added. “Since we’ve been anonymous, it seems easier to be more liberal with our writing and images. No judgment, because it’s a fucking judgy-wudgy world.

Feldman pointed out that he published his newsletter not with the intention of canceling TwoMe, but rather revealing relevant information to fans that was apparently not so hidden.

“DeuxMoi has chosen to link its individual identity to its increasingly public profession. I support people telling their own story – which is not mutually exclusive to also believe that at this point the identity of whoever is telling that story is, in and of itself, newsworthy,” he said. -he writes. “TwoMe is a public figure.”

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