Extreme cold warning calls for coldest night in pandemic in Ottawa

Environment Canada has put in place extreme cold warnings for all of eastern Ontario and western Quebec, saying the wind will worsen what is already expected to be Ottawa’s coldest temperatures in the pandemic.

Forecasts for the capital predict steadily falling temperatures throughout the day and night to between –25 and –32 ° C by dawn Tuesday. The wind chill could give an impression of about -35.

It could be a few degrees cooler in rural western Quebec and a little cooler in the Kingston and Belleville areas.

Temperatures this low mean people need to cover as much of the exposed skin as possible, dress in layers – ideally a wind-resistant outer layer – and watch for cold-related health issues such as muscle aches, numb extremities and shortness of breath.

All-weather record January 11 in-game

The last time the temperature in Ottawa reached -25 ° C was on February 14, 2020, although it was close to -24 ° C on Saturday.

The city’s all-time low for January 11 using records dating back to 1872 is –30 C, which occurred in 1893 and 1981.

Tuesday’s high is -17 ° C in Ottawa, and the wind chill is expected to ease during the day. Wednesday’s high is -3 C.

We have to come back at the end of January 2019 for a day that was no hotter than –17 C in Ottawa.

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