Fair City celebrates its 5,000th episode this Sunday with a dramatic incident

Ireland’s longest-running drama series, Fair City, will celebrate its 5,000th episode on Sunday with a dramatic storyline.

he show, which has been running since September 1989, will mark a milestone with much-loved character Nora Keogh, played by Ruth Hegarty, knocked down during an incident at Molloy’s Car Garage.

Fair Trade Town has been a mainstay and audience generator for the national broadcaster for decades, only briefly interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In Sunday’s episode, Ray, asking where the parts that were on order are, lets Doug keep an eye on a car that’s being held in place by bricks.

Attending to the car, Doug removes the bricks only for it to start driving out of the garage.

Unfortunately, Nora is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is knocked down.

Doug becomes racked with guilt over what happened to Nora, but will he admit what happened, or will he be hailed a hero?

Fair Trade Town has been broadcast on RTÉ continuously since 1989, interrupted only for five months by the Covid-19 pandemic from April to September 2020.

Over a million people tuned in when the program launched and it still regularly sees audiences of between 300 and 400,000, increasing for special episodes.

There are currently four episodes per week, which has been the case since 2001.

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The 5,000and the episode will air tomorrow at 8 p.m. on RTÉ One.

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