Federal election live: Peter Dutton elected Liberal leader, David Littleproud replaces Barnaby Joyce as head of Nationals

Journalist: You have previously argued that an indigenous voice in Parliament would amount to a third chamber. Are you disappointed to dedicate a vote to Parliament or is this something you will campaign against?

Peter Dutton: The minister, Linda Burney, has said, as I said before, that she hasn’t made up her mind yet, and I certainly don’t think the Labor Party caucus has determined what form final will be.

So let’s see what they come up with. But like I said, I want the symbolic nature — which I admit is very important to a lot of people — to be accompanied by practical responses.

I want to understand how we will reduce the incidence of children

abuse within these communities. I want to understand how it is that we are going to allow more young girls to go to school, how we can fight against infant mortality and many other indicators. And like I said, it doesn’t come from a bad place, but we failed in that policy area.

And no one, hand on heart, can sit here today and say that we’re in a better position in many of these, many of these indicators, than we were five years ago. , 10 or 25 years. So, I want to understand where this leads to and how we can be constructive in helping Indigenous Australians, and also celebrating great successes.

I also believe this in the area of ​​Defense. We need to take care of those with PTSD, we need to take care of those who have suffered injuries from conflict, etc., but we also need to celebrate great successes.

You look at some of the Supreme Court of Queensland appointments, the Aboriginal business people, the members of the Aboriginal communities who are giving back philanthropically to where they were born.

I mean this is all something that we should be celebrating in addition to addressing the reality because people are falling further and further behind, and that seems far away, if you live in Canberra, to be honest, because the

The Northern Territory and Queensland, in particular, are far behind. I think we need to spend more time in these communities.

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