Fowler’s lesson is ‘as clear as day’: Chris Smith

Sky News host Chris Smith said Fowler’s lesson was “clear as day”, but not so clear “in the minds of the defeated”.

He said former Labor candidate for Fowler Kristina Keneally blamed her “meltdown” on COVID-19 lockdowns.

Ms Keneally told the Sydney Morning Herald that ‘Fowler had the toughest lockdown in the state, backed by both Liberals and Labour, and there was an understandable sense of anger against both main parties, people reacting with “pox on your house”.

“What a full load of cod,” Mr. Smith said.

“It was a pox on the house of work only, as it had no respect for the migrant communities in Fowler’s headquarters,” Mr Smith said.

“And arrogantly thought that a wealthy failed New South Wales premier who lived in the privileged area of ​​Pittwater, 45 miles away, would hold a suburban Labor stronghold.”

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