Garth Brooks thrilled to bring fans together in Edmonton: ‘All about inclusion’

As you walk through a room full of reporters and cameramen in hoodies and caps, sporting big, warm smiles, you’d be excused for thinking that the man who is arguably country music’s most famous voice was part of the team.

But whether it’s the front of a seasoned artist or a genuinely serious one, Garth Brooks seems like he could be anyone’s best friend – or at least for two nights, everyone’s pal at Edmonton.

“You know, I think the problem with Edmonton is – the same with all the places you love – it’s the people, isn’t it?” he said as he sat on the edge of a stage, speaking with reporters on Friday afternoon.

“And these people, they don’t just show up – they show up ready to play and they show up with an expectation.”

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Garth Brooks speaks to reporters before his concerts in Edmonton, Alberta. Friday, June 24, 2022.

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Brooks is no stranger to Edmonton: In 2017, he sold out not one — not even two or three — but nine gigs with his wife Trisha Yearwood at Rogers Place: “Each of those nights were badass nights.

In total, about 160,000 fans attended these shows five years ago. He said the level of dedication raises the bar for him and his crew.

Brooks said the 2017 shows also left her with high expectations of the crowds turning up at Commonwealth Stadium on Friday and Saturday night.

“We want these people to leave here thinking it was a better show than the arena show. So that’s what we came to do.

The sold-out shows in Edmonton are the only Canadian dates on a tour that has taken him across the United States and will end in Dublin, Ireland.

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Brooks said he hoped for polite but energetic crowds, adding there was a level of sincerity among his fans.

“They know their country music inside and out.

“When you’re playing country music for a country music audience, there’s a way for it to sink into your soul.”

The music brings back memories, said Brooks, explaining that his goal is to quickly grow the show from a concert to a big party of 61,000 people.

“If you can go into party mode in the first two songs, then Katie bars the door, it’s gonna be fun.”

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Garth Brooks excited for 2nd show in Edmonton

Garth Brooks excited for 2nd show in Edmonton – May 11, 2022

Brooks said his goal was to get people out of the Commonwealth Stadium loving each other more than they came in: “It’s not an easy task here because they’re already coming in loving each other! “

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“Garth Brooks’ music (is) all about inclusion, not exclusion. We cannot do it by ourselves. We need each other. Blacks and whites must therefore learn to work together. Red and blue must work together. Canadians and Americans have to learn to work together, right? So that’s what we’re doing.

Music brings people together who otherwise would have nothing in common, Brooks said.

“Maybe if they were in the same room, they wouldn’t agree on anything. But here they are, friends of the shallows, arm in arm, right by the river.

“It’s a beautiful thing, it tells me that music, for me, could very well be the voice of hope.”

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Brooks said he records the audience at his concerts and listens to them sing along. River: “I’ve been doing this for 100 years. Right? And I always cry like a baby when that happens. So I think it’s a fun thing that I’m looking forward to.

The stadium tour actually started in 2019, but was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brooks said canceling the tour was the right thing to do, but added he was so much more excited about it now.

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Edmonton businesses expect boost with Garth Brooks gigs

Edmonton businesses expect boost with Garth Brooks gigs

There’s nothing quite like playing live, he said, adding that he was feeding “1,000 per cent” on the energy of the crowd.

He said he learned that lesson during the COVID-19 pandemic when live concerts weren’t possible, so in the United States they were replaced by drive-in shows. Brooks staged a filmed concert, which he said about 750,000 people attended at drive-ins across the United States.

“All you do is perform in front of cameras,” he said, explaining that singing and cheering on from fans makes a difference to him as a performer.

He also noted that he was only part of the making of the series. He was playing with Blake Shelton in Boise, Idaho when they ran into technical difficulties.

“So Blake Shelton is going to surprise us on Dive bar, everyone knows it’s happening, and the sound system starts to squeal and starts to shut off. Now you are in front of all these people. Now you realize what you are without your crew.

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“Without the team, without the band, without the people, it just doesn’t happen. That’s why it’s a statement of honesty – not humility – I’m lucky to make it part.

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For anyone going to the concert, it’s important to remember that Commonwealth Stadium has an empty bag policy. Purses or clutches that you cannot see through will not be permitted.

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Preparation on track for Garth Brooks concerts in Edmonton

Preparation on track for Garth Brooks concerts in Edmonton

The City of Edmonton will operate a park and ride to and from the stadium at six locations, as it does during Edmonton Elks games, but it will cost $6 round-trip fare. special event.

All Commonwealth Stadium Park & ​​Ride services begin two hours before the start of the event and end once the stadium is cleared after the event.

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