Giants Catastrophe Somehow Worsens As Mike Glennon Needs Surgery, Jake Fromm Likely To Start Again – The Denver Post

It can get worse. It can always get worse.

Giants quarterback Jake Fromm is likely to make his second start in three weeks in Sunday’s Season 18 final against Washington at MetLife Stadium.

Mike Glennon, who has started four of the last five games, is due to undergo non-throwing wrist surgery, coach Joe Judge said on a conference call Monday.

So Fromm and QB practice team Brian Lewerke should both dress up.

“It’s something that probably needs to be sorted out as soon as possible, but he won’t be available to play this week,” Judge said.

Quarterbacks have played football with non-throwing hand injuries before, but Glennon earned the veteran exemption here. He’s 0-4 with four touchdowns, 10 interceptions and 24 yards in the 29-3 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday.

His clear -10 passing yards were the lowest since Ryan Leaf’s -19 in a 1998 San Diego Chargers game, according to ESPN Stats & Info.

His 0.0 QBR, a metric kept by ESPN, would have been the worst since the statistic was created in 2006 had he attempted more than 11 passes. The previous record, by ESPN’s Seth Walder, was 0.3 by Peyton Manning in 2015 against the Chiefs.

Glennon Pro Football Focus’s 21.4 was even lower than Nathan Peterman’s 24.1 in his infamous five-steal game for the Bills, by Mike Renner of PFF.

“It’s a shame Mike got injured in the game yesterday,” Judge said on Monday. “He’s going to have surgery soon and he won’t be available for the game this week. I know Mike wanted to go there yesterday, compete and do whatever he can for the team, and that’s how his season will end.

So Sunday could be ugly all the time – again.

Fromm made his first NFL start two weeks ago in Philadelphia and shoveled 25 yards before being benched in the third quarter for Glennon. Then Glennon threw for 24 yards in a full game in Chicago on Sunday.

How bad is Fromm? Looks like Glennon stayed in the injured game on Sunday rather than the Giants looking to Fromm.

Taylor Heinicke is expected to start Sunday for Washington (6-10), which is already out of the playoffs, but Kyle Allen could also play.

The judge said the Giants (4-12) “will work both” Fromm and Lewerke in practice this week.

“Right now, based on reps and games, Jake would get the green light,” Judge said. “I would expect him to be prepared that way, but like any other week, we’ll be getting the two guys ready and making sure they’re both up and ready to play.”

In fact, with Judge’s defense playing strong and pretty well, the team’s decision to have Glennon and Fromm as substitutes down the stretch – playing behind that offensive line – turned another year into a spectacle. secondary.

There really is no harm in letting Lewerke play. He showed some common sense in the pre-season against Cleveland, and who wants to see Fromm again?

“I think Brian has done a really good job this year working and doing everything that we asked him to do,” said Judge last Friday, when asked about the possibility of giving Lewerke his very first shots of the season. NFL regular. “I think he reacted well in the preseason with short notice to prepare. He did some great things for us in the Cleveland preseason game.

“He’s a guy who came out and competed. He has learned. I have certainly seen some improvement from him. He’s a developing player, ”added Judge. “I think he’s a long way from where he will be as a finalized player in his career. I think he’s on the right track to doing positive things and really putting himself in a position in his career to be competitive and get a role on a roster.

Lewerke has been Kenny Golladay’s personal quarterback in warm-ups this season. Now maybe he could throw her a game that matters.

The judge appeared to pour cold water on this possibility last week when he added that “at that point, [Lewerke is] on our training team. As for the roster changes we’re making right now, we don’t plan to make one specifically at this position for the remainder of the year. This does not exclude anything in the future with Brian, however. I’m happy with the way he’s worked this year.

Now Glennon is out and it looks like Lewerke will be in uniform, one step closer to the game.

Hey, why not? 26 passing yards would make him the best quarterback the Giants have put on the field in three weeks.

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