Greens’ Stephen Bates wins Brisbane seat in federal election

The Greens won the Brisbane seat, with Labor conceding defeat this afternoon.

Stephen Bates will become the fourth Green MP of the 47e parliament, after the party also won the seats of Griffith and Ryan, and retained the Melbourne seat.

The absentee votes counted today confirmed the 29-year-old retail worker’s lead over Labor candidate Madonna Jarrett.

Mr Bates said voters he spoke to felt politicians were not listening to them.

He said voters told him they wanted 100% public renewable energy, dental and mental health services added to Medicare and action on the housing crisis.

“And it turned into a win for us,” he said.

“The vibe has been that people are angry, people are fed up with the status quo and fed up with complete inaction on climate change.

“What’s important to me is to be a strong and proud advocate for the community.

“So giving people a voice again in Canberra.

“It’s very surreal but the Greens have won the Brisbane seat.”

Green candidates Max Chandler-Mather, Elizabeth Watson-Brown, Stephen Bates, Penny Allman-Payne with Senator Larissa Waters
Green candidates Max Chandler-Mather (Griffith), left, Elizabeth Watson-Brown (Ryan), Stephen Bates (Brisbane), Penny Allman-Payne (Senate) and Green Senator Larissa Waters on election night.(ABC News: Jessica Van Vonderen)

Ms Jarrett wrote on Facebook that it was ‘clear we will not cross the line’.

“Earlier this afternoon I called Stephen Bates to congratulate him on his successful campaign. I wish him all the best for the term ahead,” she said.

This is the third seat won by the Greens in the Queensland capital.

The electorates of Brisbane and Ryan were taken from the National Liberal Party and Griffith from the Labor Party.

The Greens now have four seats in the House of Representatives, with the party still in the running for Macnamara’s seat in Melbourne, although Labor is currently leading in that electorate.

Labor currently has 75 seats in the lower house, one shy of a majority.

Macnamara, Gilmore and Deakin remain in doubt.

Trevor Evans, Greens candidate Stephen Bates and Labor candidate Madonna Jarrett
Incumbent Liberal candidate Trevor Evans, Greens candidate Stephen Bates and Labor candidate Madonna Jarrett.(ABC News)

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