The jury is expected to hear whether the defense will call any witnesses to testify, including Hoggard himself.

Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard testifies Tuesday at his sexual assault trial in downtown Toronto.

In a brief opening statement, Hoggard’s attorney, Megan Savard, said Hoggard will say there was no doubt in her mind that the sexual encounters with the two plaintiffs were consensual.

The Crown closed its case last week, after the jury heard from two women who accused Hoggard, 37, of violently raping them in hotel rooms in the fall of 2016. A woman, who was then a 15-year-old fan, is also accusing Hoggard of groping her and trying to kiss her neck backstage after a concert.

Friends and family members of both complainants testified that they described being sexually assaulted shortly after returning from meeting Hoggard. The two women testified that they did not know each other and that they never spoke to each other.

Hoggard’s defense attorneys have suggested the two women made up the allegations, possibly as revenge for feeling rejected by a rock star after having consensual sex with him, which the plaintiffs have denied. .

Hoggard pleaded not guilty to two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm and one count of sexually touching a person under 16.

The trial continues.

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