Here’s what you can expect with today’s weather on the Gold Coast

At 4 a.m. today, expect an unpleasantly hot and humid day, with a dew point of 21.1. It’s likely to feel like 24.8 with 85 percent relative humidity. The highest temperature expected today is 28, the same as the maximum temperature yesterday. Warmer conditions are expected over three of the next six days, with mercury climbing above today’s high on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The chance of rain today is 50 percent. Showers are more likely tomorrow, with the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting an average chance (60%) of rain. The UV index should be 12. There is an extreme risk of damage from exposure to the sun. Unprotected skin can burn within minutes under current conditions. Experts suggest seeking shade and avoiding sun exposure around midday. The general advice is to take all precautions such as the use of eye protection, sunscreen and cover up. Winds will be east-southeast around 24 km / h in the morning and veer to the southeast around 25 km / h in the afternoon. Details for the next six days: Wednesday January 12: Partly cloudy. Min – 21. Max – 28. Thursday January 13: Partly cloudy. Min – 21. Max – 28. Friday January 14: Partly cloudy. Min – 20. Max – 28. Saturday January 15: Partly cloudy. Min – 21. Max – 29. Sunday January 16: Partly cloudy. Min – 22. Max – 30. Monday January 17: Shower possible. Min – 22. Max – 29.

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