How to Get Custom 3D Avatars on Instagram and Facebook in India

Meta improves reaction options on Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Messenger. He has released 3D avatars all over the world, including in markets like India. These resemble the Apple Animoji in design. Well, the company run by Mark Zuckerberg is known for offering features inspired by its competitors. But, for what it’s worth, Meta’s offering is more inclusive and representative of a wide range of communities. You can share them as stickers, gifs, stream messages, video reels, and more. If you are a Facebook user, you can also set your new avatar as your profile picture.

So, let’s learn how to use 3D avatar. We’ll walk you through the process of creating and sharing. It’s really simple.

How to create 3D avatars

Here’s how to do it on Instagram:

Go to Instagram settings. Select Account. Choose Avatar You will see a brief description of the feature. Meta calls 3D avatars “A new way to be you on Instagram.” Tap on ‘Start’. Then select your skin tone. Now you can choose your favorite hair color, body type, face shape, facial hair, accessories, dress, etc. Once all options are selected as desired, tap Done.

The 3D avatar is now created. Now you can share them.

As for Facebook, here’s what you need to do:

Click on the menu option and in the list of shortcuts you will see Avatars. The rest of the steps are similar to what we explained in the case of Instagram.

3D Instagram Avatars

It is more or less that. So give it a try and have fun.

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