If You See These Marks On Your Fingers, You Might Have Heart Disease

Dr. Igor Orlov, a neurologist, revealed that headaches can be eliminated without medication using eucalyptus oil.

In an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, the specialist points out that feeling a headache is a good reason to consult a doctor and take medicine, but not only medicine tablets help get rid of headaches. head because there are two ways that help get rid of headaches without medication, according to (Russia Today). .

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He added: “One of the common causes of headaches is poor blood flow to the brain. Doctors prescribe people with this condition medications that improve blood flow to the brain, but in addition to medicines, drops of certain oils can be dipped in the ear to stimulate cerebral circulation.”

He continued: “You can drip drops of eucalyptus oil and then put a cotton ball in the ear. This process activates circulation in the brain, so if a person suffers from headaches, they can get rid of pain in this way, and the second to get rid or relieve headaches is to massage the ears.”

He pointed out the possibility of massaging the ears with the palms of the hands with light pressure and a slow movement. This process helps to increase the pressure, which helps relieve headaches, improve cerebral blood circulation and to also get rid of tinnitus, but the person should feel no pain during the massage.

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