“I’m fed up” … Simeone breaks his silence and evokes the “Caroline crisis”

Simeone decided to break the silence about his differences with his ex-wife, dancer and model, Carolina Baldini, which led to them going their separate ways in 2010.

The 52-year-old slammed his ex-wife for constantly talking details of their split to the press, and told Argentine newspaper ‘La Nacion’, ‘I’m tired of Carolina still talking after 15 years’ of disagreements . .

He continued, “I never spoke about what happened and the pain it caused,” but she “keeps talking like no one remembers. I’m sick of it.” trying to take care of my children and protect them from this.”

Simeone added firmly, “There’s no turning back. She (Caroline) broke family laws and I’m running out of patience.”

Simeone was responding to recent statements by Carolina, when she said the split had been “in a friendly way”, noting that she was a decision maker in 2010 when Simeone coached Argentina side San Lorenzo.

She continued, “I did everything for the relationship and I couldn’t do anything else. The love was over. We were breaking up and I resumed my modeling career.”

And news reports said Carolina’s relationship with another man was the root of her meltdown with Simeone, who initially forgave her in an attempt to save the family, but then the issues escalated.

Simeone has 5 children, 3 from his first marriage (Caroline), and two daughters of model Carla Pereira, whom he secretly married in 2019.

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