In a Brazilian stadium, Wisdom sent him off, so he tried to attack him

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The Brazilian state final of Pernambuco witnessed an unfortunate incident after a Nautico player assaulted the referee in their match against Retro, after she sent him off.

Only 19 minutes into the second leg, Nautico player Jean Carlos was sent off after a lengthy review by the match referee in VAR, after hitting the opposing player with his elbow, and after a 3-minute break , the match the referee made his decision and sent him a red card.

Carlos exploded in Wisdom’s face and ran towards her, forcing her to push him before both teams and the refereeing staff intervened to pull him away from her, and the player’s colleagues pulled him away of the match stadium after the chaos that ensued.

Nautico scored the game’s only goal from the penalty spot, so both teams went to penalties, after the first leg ended with Retro’s superiority with an unanswerable goal, which did Nautico justice and won the game 4-2.

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