In the age of electric vehicles, wheels, tires, brake lines and more are getting a makeover

Carbon Revolution says their wheels are on average 40-50% lighter than standard aluminum wheels on the market today. The company further claims that its wheels can be designed into more aerodynamic shapes than aluminum wheels, which reduces drag and increases range.

In total, the company estimates that using carbon fiber wheels can give EVs 5-8% longer range.

Admittedly, carbon fiber wheels are still more expensive than their aluminum counterparts. But as manufacturing costs come down and the adoption of electric vehicles accelerates, Carbon Revolution expects carbon fiber wheels to make up around 15% of the aluminum wheel market by 2035.

“To be able to get into the market and be able to offer range-extending technology that’s also high-end technology that people like to watch, we see an advantage in that,” Dingle said.

Wheels aren’t the only standard parts that could be overhauled as the industry electrifies. Here are other examples.

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