Incredible floating home for sale in Vancouver

It can just make your jaw drop.

Some people may say the most amazing home in Vancouver is a beachfront home in Kitsilano, others would argue for a downtown penthouse.

There are probably a few who would argue for this amazing house on the water. Although his address is 9-1301 Johnston Street, it’s actually not on any street. The houseboat is part of Sea Village, the residence community anchored on Granville Island.

It is one of 14 False Creek homes in Vancouver’s iconic tourist spot.

Aside from an absolutely stunning location, the structure itself is stunning. Filled with wood paneling and windows overlooking the sea water towards the city, this would be an amazing home on land. A particular highlight for literature fans would be the two-story library with a ladder to reach the volumes at the very top.

To be fair, it’s not the cheapest house; it is listed at $1.88 million. It’s just for the houseboat, because there is no property for these types of residences.

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