“Intellectual” Jordan Peterson Dragged So Hard For Sports Illustrated Body Shaming Swimsuit Model Yumi Nu That He Quit TWITTER!

Well, if that’s what passes for intellectualism in some circles, we guess we’re happy to keep a low profile!

If you haven’t heard of Jordan Peterson, consider yourself lucky – and feel free to blame us for bringing his wacky ideology into your life after this. The Canadian clinical psychologist has made a name for himself over the past two years as a right-wing cultural thought leader — mostly on his own Youtube channel and as a guest on Joe Roganwhere he can pontificate as he pleases without ever really being questioned.

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But on Monday he fought Twitter It was still is going to lose, and now he’s complaining so hard he’s threatening to quit the social media site altogether.

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OK, let’s go back. Monday Sports Illustrated debuted for their annual covers swimsuit problemand we went to model Yumi Nude, which just debuted in the magazine last year. It’s a big step for her as the first plus-size Asian-American model to land the honor, which she shares with other 2022 cover models. Kim Kardashian, Ciaraand Elon Muskhis mother maye musk.

Amazing, right?

Well, old Jordan thinks so. And he felt the need to tell us all that his opinion was objectively correct – and everything else was Big Brother trying to oppress you! For real. He tweeted a photo of the cover, writing:

“Sorry. Not beautiful. And no amount of authoritarian tolerance will change that.

“Authoritarian tolerance”? WTF is he even talking about this?! That’s how this fucking king Henry’s Book the child would respond to his mother by saying, “Be nice.”

He wrote to a commentator, with a link to articles on scientific studies on attractiveness:

“It’s a conscious progressive attempt to manipulate and reorganize the notion of beauty, relying on the silly philosophy that such preferences are learned and properly modified by those who know better. But don’t let the facts stop you. .

UGH seriously??

the realities are, what you find personally attractive isn’t necessarily what other people are doing, you solipsistic bastard. Beauty is an objective metric and what is actually, officially beautiful is what YOU love? Wow, what a genius!

It’s not intellectualism it’s like a travesty of someone who thinks he’s smart because he uses his best vocabulary words to marry the same bullies the dudebros use to hurt others for decades. He just says “uh, big one” but in a way designed to win him a game of Scrabble – and more importantly, scarier incel fans for his brand.

Luckily tons of people on Twitter was quick to shout, writing comments like:

“There’s no better illustration of Jordan Peterson’s seriousness as a thinker than ‘it’s tyranny when a woman doesn’t give me the boner'”

“These authoritarians force us to accept people as they are… What hell”

“If Jordan Peterson found me hot, I would end all this, it’s the end of life for me”

“Beauty standards change over time. Moreover, you have published two studies which do not substantiate your point of view”

“Jordan Peterson imagining that an ‘overbearing tolerance’ is trying to force him to find a particular woman attractive is perhaps the most platonically perfect example of this phenomenon of the shaky debating posture you get from people who confuse their subjectivity with objectivity.”

Even many of his fans responded to the tweet telling him it was offside.

There were also, of course, plenty of people tweeting photos of the man himself alongside his own words:

Yeah, there was… there was a lot of that. It’s not a good way to get the message across, but it’s the door he opened. He chose the tiger instead of the lady.

Hilariously, the thin-skinned pseudo-academic did what bullies always do when they get hit back: he ran away! After only a few hours of bashing, he wrote:

“The endless stream of vicious insults is really not something that can be experienced anywhere else. I like following people I know but I think the platform’s incentive structure drives it inherently and dangerously insane.

He officially “quit” Twitter, writing:

“I told my staff to change my password, to protect me from temptation and I’m leaving. If I have something to say, I will write an article or make a video. If the problem does not isn’t important enough to justify that, it might be best to just drop it.

Yes good idea. Stick to articles and videos where no one can argue with you. You can just spit out the same old vitriol you dressed in tweed and leather elbow patches and never have to hear about it when someone disagrees with you. Because academic ideas shouldn’t have to stand up to rigorous scrutiny, right?

Of course, saying he was quitting Twitter only mocked him MUCH more ruthlessly. Here is a very small sample:

“Jordan Peterson is quitting Twitter because he tried to shame a cover model and his mentions got too hot to handle. lmaooo what a hero”

“Jordan Peterson is the kind of man who will denigrate the body of a Sports Illustrated model on Twitter – a model whose appearance on the cover of SI is specifically meant to combat the toxicity of social media – and literally complain hours later of social media toxicity.”

“Jordan Peterson goes out of his way to publicly call out a woman he doesn’t know who hasn’t done anything unattractive to him, and then put on a big show by walking off the platform because of his own hurt feelings in response to the pushback is entirely on mark for the King of the Incels.

Hilariously, the best answer was written by Yumi Nu herself. And she wrote it preemptively; it’s in the very magazine she covers. As part of her cover profile, she wrote about body shaming:

“Even here in the United States, where much of the fashion industry has become more inclusive of people with bodies like mine over the past few years, some people – for example, designers at certain fashion houses high fashion and stupid and angry guys on the internetamong others – just haven’t fully understood yet that people who look like me belong.


[Image via Yumi Nu/Instagram/Channel 4/YouTube.]

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