Isolation measures to counter the escalation of hemorrhagic fevers

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Elaf from London: With the escalation of infections and the occurrence of serious deaths from hemorrhagic fever in Iraq and the transmission of the disease from the south to the north of the country, the Ministry of Health announced measures to deal with it and allocate rooms for isolation in hospitals.
With the announcement of the number of cases of the dangerous disease exceeding twenty-four injuries and four deaths, and its spread towards the north of the country, the Iraqi Ministry of Health has taken strict measures to deal with it, in particular with the lack medicines to treat it, because he is limited to protecting himself against it and preventing its transmission only.

isolation lobbies

In a circular to its hospitals across the country, which has been reviewed by Elaf, the Ministry of Health ordered the allocation of special isolation wards containing critical care supplies with their equipment and life-saving drugs, and to appoint a medical and health angel who supports the work in these corridors.
The ministry stressed the need to respect the conditions of health prevention of acquired infections and to provide personal protective equipment while prohibiting access to these halls, except for the personnel designated to work there.
The ministry also organized sensitization campaigns in the southern governorates of the country targeting butcher shops in the markets, stressing the need to respect preventive measures and wear the recommended preventive medical equipment to prevent diseases, as well as to empower the butchers. for the need to have official holidays for their stores.

Transmission of the disease to the north of the country

And today, Sunday, it was announced in the northern province of Kirkuk that a case of haemorrhagic fever had been registered.
The province’s official spokesperson, Marwan Al-Ani, said in a statement that Kirkuk Governor Rakan Saeed Al-Jubouri has discussed with a number of officials about hemorrhagic fever prevention efforts and measures. to take to deal with the disease. .

The Iraqi Ministry of Health distributes information to the highest citizens on hemorrhagic fever (the ministry)

Disease infections are on the rise
Along with this, the Ministry of Health announced today that the number of cases of the disease has risen to 24 since the outbreak of the disease was announced in the country last week.
Director General of Public Health at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Riyad Al-Hilfi, said the number of cases of hemorrhagic fever continues to rise, and the number has reached 24 cases so far. He explained, in a statement to the official agency, followed by “Elaf”, that “there are three measures to limit the spread of this first disease, which are the veterinarians who carry out extensive pesticide spraying campaigns in animal enclosures and dwellings”. infected and their neighbors in contact, in addition to the process of picking animals with pesticides”, indicating that “these measures are sufficient to kill the insect vectors, which are the tick, thus ending the chain of transmission.
And he indicated that “the second measure is incumbent on the Ministry of Interior to prevent the movement of animals from one governorate to another, as well as the movement within a governorate so as not to spread the disease. , while the third procedure emphasizes the prevention of random islands… emphasizing that this is one of the most important reasons for the transmission of the disease in addition to the importance of educating all citizens on treatment meat.
The health official called on housewives to ‘take preventative measures by bearing the paws first, to be wary of injury to the hand when handling meat and to refrain from touching your eyes while doing so , as it can be transmitted from the infected animal to the wound in the hand”. or by eye contact.

Death registration
And last Friday, the governorate of Babil (100 km south of Baghdad) recorded the first death from hemorrhagic fever after the appearance of four suspected cases of the disease, three negative cases and one positive case, which led to the death of patient in Marjan medical hospital.
The southern province of Dhi Qar has also recorded the highest cases of the disease, which has resulted in the death of three people so far.
It should be noted that hemorrhagic fever is a viral disease transmitted from poultry and livestock to humans, and then transmitted by infection from another person. The death rate for those infected is around 40%, according to the World Health Organization.
It is also an endemic viral disease due to infection with the Crimean-Congo fever virus, as it is present not only in Iraq but in the region in general, and limited infections are recorded each year during decades and can lead to death.
The people most affected by the disease are livestock keepers such as cows, sheep, goats and others, as well as butchery workers (butchers). “But this does not mean that other groups cannot be infected, but rather the groups most in contact with the animal during its breeding, transport, trade or after slaughter are more vulnerable to infection. .” .

Information for the Iraqi Ministry of Health on Hemorrhagic Fever (the Ministry)

Transmission of infection.. and no medicine

An official from the Iraqi Ministry of Health indicated that “the most common mode of transmission of the disease is through a vector, which is the tick, which sticks to the skin of cattle and can transmit the disease”, explaining that “this disease which is transmitted to humans can infect another human being.” Through close contact with the patient or the patient’s tools.

He pointed out, “there is no vaccine against this disease for humans or animals…” and “the main symptoms of the disease are fever and sporadic pain in the body, and abdominal pain can be recorded”… and when “when the disease develops at a later stage, it can reach bleeding from the openings of the body such as the eyes, ears or nose, in addition to serious complications that can lead to kidney failure, liver failure, failure of several body organs and can lead to death.

The Ministry of Health recommends paying attention to the rules of public safety, that is to say the general health rules, in particular the personal hygiene of the breeders, to pay attention to the symptoms mentioned, and to review the health establishments s ‘They appear.

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