ITV Coronation Street spoiler video shows fallout from car crash as Imran tries to save Toyah

Imran Habeeb was seen trying to save his new wife Toyah in an early clip from the upcoming Coronation Street scenes. The preview clip, taken from next Wednesday’s edition of the ITV soap opera, shows the lawyer desperately trying to extricate his wife from the wreckage of their car.

Corrie teased a horror accident for the newlyweds last week in a series of spoiler images teasing the dramatic events that unfold in next week’s episodes.

This comes as the battle for Alfie escalates between parents Imran and Abi Franklin. As viewers know, the couple are currently locked in a custody battle over their baby and while Imran and Toyah currently have custody, Abi plans to kidnap her boy and move to Costa Rica.

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But it’s not just Imran and Abi as street dwellers will also suffer the consequences in a week of must-see episodes, shown nightly on ITV at 7.30pm, which promises mayhem and carnage on the cobbles.

The shocking week of episodes has been revealed to begin with a flash-forward, with viewers witnessing Imran leaving a chilling message for Toyah in which he reveals everything. As we move, the action revolves around a horrific car crash that leaves Toyah and Imran lying unconscious in the wreckage.

The couple’s car has rammed into a brick wall, which is covered in a scaffolding structure and a new clip has revealed the immediate aftermath of the accident, and the moment Imran wakes up and realizes that he has to get Toyah out, who is unconscious behind the wheel. from the car and to safety as quickly as possible.

Imran and Toyah are involved in the accident

Imran is seen struggling to open his car door before wincing in pain to pull his phone out of his pocket. He calls an ambulance. “We had a car accident. We hit a building covered in scaffolding,” the attorney said over the phone as pieces of the structure began to fall.

He begs them to hurry because his wife is unconscious, he can’t get out of the car and pieces of scaffolding keep falling. “It’s going to fall on us,” he warns. He then begins to get frustrated with the emergency services telling them that he needs to get Toyah out of the car before they are both run over.

Another clip from an episode later in the week shows that questions begin to be asked about how the accident happened and it is Abi and Kevin who find themselves under suspicion by the police.

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