Jerusalem, Israel. Violence erupts during controversial flag march

Crowds waving Israeli flags marched out of Damascus Gate – the main entrance to the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City – dancing and chanting “the nation of Israel lives” and “death to the Arabs”.

Israeli police in riot gear blocked surrounding streets, forcibly clearing Palestinian protesters from the road.

Seventy-nine Palestinians were injured in Jerusalem by rubber bullets, stun grenades and pepper spray, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society said, and one protester was shot dead with live ammunition.

Twenty-eight people were evacuated to hospital following clashes with Israeli security forces and Israeli marchers, according to the agency.

At least 163 Palestinians were also injured in the West Bank. At least 11 of those injuries were caused by live ammunition, according to the Red Crescent.

More than 50 people have been arrested and detained for their involvement in incidents of rioting and assaults on police officers, Israel Police said in a statement Sunday.

Israeli army soldiers take aim during clashes with protesters following a demonstration to denounce the

Five officers were lightly injured in the various incidents and required medical attention, police also said. More than 2,000 police and volunteers have been deployed throughout Jerusalem.

The Flag March is an annual parade where most nationalist Jewish groups celebrate Israel’s takeover of the Western Wall during the 1967 Six-Day War and the capture of East Jerusalem, placing the entire city under Israeli control.

The march has also been a flashpoint for Palestinian residents of the Old City in previous years.

Reporting provided by CNN’s Atika Shubert, Abeer Salman and Lauren Izso in Jerusalem and Celine Alkhaldi in Amman.

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