Jessica Simpson reflects on Father’s Day with a no-makeup selfie

The Dawson’s Creek alum, who shares the kids Olivier11, Joshuaten, annabelle8, Emily6, Gwendolyn4 and Jeremiah8 months, with his wife Kimberly Van der Beekwrote, “None of us is a perfect father. None of us was raised by a perfect father. Because no one was born perfect.”

He continued: “I feel like the best we can do is introduce ourselves, as fully and regularly as possible…and have the courage to listen with an open heart to where we’ve misunderstood, done wrong or just missed an opportunity to connect. Then…we will have illustrated for our children a growth process that will allow them to evolve with patience, self-love and forgiveness. Because no matter how much we love them…they don’t won’t go through the perfect life either.”

James added, “#HappyFathersDay to all the dads who are learning on the job and constantly pushing the limits of their best. And to my dad…thanks for the example.”

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