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The US president had landed in Washington DC after six days in Delaware when a snowstorm hit the US capital. Social media users mocked Mr Biden as he was stuck on the presidential plane.

Due to the snowy conditions on the ground, Mr. Biden was stranded on Air Force One for 30 minutes.

Airport staff struggled to navigate the stairs through the heavy snow on the tarmac.

Once the stairs were in place, Mr Biden carefully descended the stairs, one hand on the handrail and the other up to his face to shield himself from the storm.

A Secret Service agent walked right behind the President on the stairs, as they stand a few feet away to stay out of the camera shot.

Social media users scoffed at the president’s weather delays, with some pointing out that Mr Biden could have used a hanger to disembark.

Twitter user BonBee81 shared a photo mocking the age of the president and added, “They said he couldn’t come back to WH because of the snow lol, that probably scared him.”

Another user AllanCh14276316 added: “Too bad! You should go out and shovel heavy, wet snow! I’ve heard it’s great for geriatrics.

Juggalothoughts users also said: “It should not endanger the pilot and the crews in these conditions. Selfish selfish selfish.

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However, other social media users praised the president and playfully suggested that Mr Biden should have been better dressed for the blizzard.

User yourlittldogtwo said, “POTUS better not get pneumonia and go out in the snow with his head uncovered.”

A Carole added: “Damn !! The president and the SS all need hats, don’t you think? You can hardly see.

User Rhianwyn joked, “I would have loved the crew to open the emergency exit slide! Weeeee! “


Originally, Mr Biden was supposed to land directly on the south lawn of the Presidential Residence, but a winter storm closed government offices and schools, as well as the grounding of the President’s helicopter.

Up to 10 inches of snow was forecast for the District of Columbia, northern Virginia and central Maryland through Monday afternoon.

Police were forced to close the Capitol Hill grounds as snow knocked down tree branches.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki had her first press briefing of the year canceled due to weather

The White House said in a statement, “Since federal offices in the Washington, DC area are closed, there will be no media availability today. “

It comes after Sir Christopher Meyer, former UK ambassador to the US, called Mr Biden “too old and too ineffective” to serve successfully as president for the remainder of his term.

He has argued that Mr Biden is a “lame president” as he joined with critics of the US leader in criticizing his performance so far.

He said: “My crystal ball says he is too old, too ineffective and the Democratic Party is too divided to give it a solid base to recover from the midterm elections.

“I think we should expect a situation where Democrats lose one or both houses of Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

“If that happens then, it will make him, Joe Biden, a lame president with a lame vice president in the form of vice president Kamala.”

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