Joe Judge explains how he will coach Patriots QB Mac Jones – Boston Herald

On Monday, Patriots offensive assistant Joe Judge all but confirmed that he would be the team’s next quarterback coach.

On Tuesday he went into detail about exactly how he will coach Mac Jones and Co.

“For me, it all starts with the fundamentals. And that’s how I see it,” Judge told reporters via video conference. “If you don’t have good fundamentals, every game is doomed from the start. You gotta start with a solid foundation, you gotta work on your footwork, you gotta work on your mechanics, you gotta work on the different throws you have to make.

He then continued, “You don’t work with a quarterback to change the way he throws at this level, in my opinion. But you can work on their feet and base and work on their exit timing. You start changing the way someone grips the ball or throws it, it’s just a great way as a coach to mess things up and think you’re a genius.

Judge added Monday that he will also work with the Patriots’ technical-level players, which he did in 2019 as the special teams coordinator/wide receivers coach. The Pats’ offensive staff was upset after the departure of offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Josh McDaniels, who took three assistants with him to Las Vegas.

Based on comments made by Patriots coaches on Monday and Tuesday, and their positions for the 2021 season, the new staff plans as follows:

Quarterback: Joe Judge

Running back: Vinnie Sunseri

Wide receivers: Troy Brown and Ross Douglas

Tight Wings: Nick Caley

Offensive line: Matt Patricia and Billy Yates

Defensive line: DeMarcus Covington

Inside linebackers: Jerod Mayo

Outside linebackers: Steve Belichick

Cornerback: Mike Pellegrino

Safeties: Brian Belichick

Special Teams: Cam Achord, Joe Houston

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