Johnson ‘plans to expose gas stations that don’t pass on duty cuts’


The prime minister plans to “speak up” for petrol stations that fail to pass on lower fuel prices resulting from government-imposed fuel tax cuts, it has been reported.

The government introduced a 5p per liter duty cut on March 23, but figures this week showed average petrol prices rose above £1.70 per liter for the first time.

Retailers have been accused of increasing their profit margins since the policy was introduced.

The Prime Minister plans to ‘speak out’ at petrol stations that fail to pass on lower fuel prices thanks to the government’s fuel tax cut, it has been reported (Dominic Lipinski/PA) / PA wire

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Mr Johnson had ordered Transport Department officials to draw up plans to target petrol stations that choose not to pass the cut on to customers.

According to the newspaper, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps suggested a “pump watch” system. The ministers would have opted against the idea of ​​an exceptional tax for petrol retailers.

A Downing Street source said: ‘Officials are considering available mechanisms to expose companies that do not pass on the tax benefits to consumers.

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