Jordan De Goey Bali video: Collingwood fumes as Nathan Buckley reacts

The seriousness of his behavior is said to have finally dawned on Jordan De Goey as Collingwood numbers storm and Nathan Buckley steps in.

Jordan De Goey’s former manager Nathan Buckley has said the Collingwood star should accept any offer the Magpies put to him as new reports have emerged about how the AFL club views the conduct of the star striker in Bali.

De Goey has a history of indiscretions off the pitch and was heavily criticized when footage emerged of him interacting with a woman after he decided to fly abroad for a break during the passing round.

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Collingwood has repeatedly backed the 26-year-old and Buckley has said he should repay the Pies’ faith even if it means giving up extra money.

Buckley’s advice comes amid reports that Collingwood withdrew a deal worth $3.2million following the Bali scandal, leading to speculation other clubs could sue De Goey.

“Collingwood shouldn’t pay top dollar for Jordan De Goey,” Buckley told SEN. Whatley.

“I think they should offer him what they’re willing to pay and he should just accept that and say, ‘Thank you for your support, for your guidance and your understanding as I try to navigate my life to go from being a young man who made the blues to being a better contributor and a better person”.

“I still think that if the club chooses to continue with him, I think that should be their parameters on which they continue with him. I think Jordy should be very grateful if that happens.

“He’s still a young man, but he has to make better decisions and he has to decide to put people around him who are going to help him make better decisions.

“I’m really uncomfortable right now, I have to state that, because I think what Jordy did in isolation is not a hanging. But when you put it against his past, when you put it against the situation the club was in, in a really positive space, to make the decision to go to Bali, at the time, there should have been red flags everywhere.

“In retrospect, it was clearly a bad decision.”

Collingwood has yet to publicly comment on the incident, but De Goey himself released a statement blaming the media for the storm that erupted over his situation. He took aim at the media for “the relentless pursuit and persecution of athletes” for “creating an uneducated, biased and misinformed narrative that has gone too far”.

The woman alongside De Goey in the video, Remy Jackson, also came to the defense of the AFL star on social media over the weekend.

“Hi everyone, I can’t believe the backlash to Jordy and myself here in Bali…nothing to see here,” Jackson posted on his Instagram Story.

‘In real trouble’: Penny falls as Collingwood’s true feelings are revealed

Veteran journalist Caroline Wilson reported on Footy Classified on Monday night that there had been a change in Collingwood’s stance towards De Goey and his trip to Bali, suggesting a suspension was becoming increasingly likely.

“Things have changed at this football club in the last few days and the staff at this football club,” Wilson said. “You have the AFL’s Nadine Rabah who joined Collingwood today as a senior business and media executive, very strong on these things, I’m told.

“(Director) Christine Holgate who led the club as a champion of change and tried to transform them. AFLW players love (captain) Steph Chiocci who has been very strong in this space.

“I think the debasement of the women in the video (from Bali) is what really upset the club – upset Craig McRae, upset (football boss) Graham Wright, upset (CEO) Mark Anderson. I think they are a lot angrier than previous media suggested, as the young club media representatives were wrong on Friday and Saturday.

“The club tells me the penny has gone down now for Jordan De Goey, they realize he is in real trouble.

“The attitude towards women will be reflected in the punishment. I think now the suspension is very possible… there seems to be a lot of stakeholders in this.

“I was also unaware of the depth of disappointment in this Collingwood and AFL video. They think it has tarnished Collingwood’s image and also that of the AFL.

Wilson added there was a “very good chance” that De Goey would not be at Collingwood next season.

De Goey was not spotted at Collingwood training on Monday and Essendon legend Matthew Lloyd asked why the Pies star did not come home immediately when the video became public.

“Which I find amazing…why wouldn’t he have come back?” Lloyd said on Footy Ranked. “Would they have gotten him on the plane straight away and told him to come home? How do you do when you train on a Monday morning to get in on Sunday night?

“Now he has missed training and we go into Tuesday when it will be another circus. What a huge distraction this is.

“The respect he lost from coaches and teammates is there. Imagine if they lose on Sunday too?

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