khan: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan disappointed by low public turnout at Azadi March

ISLAMABAD: The inability of the PTI leaders to mobilize enough protesters during the Azadi march in Islamabad disappointed former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.
A Geo News reporter, Shahzeb Khanzada, reveals that the ousted president expected a large number of people to join the long march alone, as they did when Khan was ousted by a vote of no confidence.
The root of his anger stems from the fact that although in Punjab the PTI holds 83 National Assembly seats and 158 Provincial Assembly seats, voters only participated in Lahore and that too in small number, Geo News reported.
According to PTI leaders, the former prime minister did not give them enough time to prepare before the march to plan transport and logistics. Although they asked Khan to extend the date for a few days, he refused as he believed the Shehbaz Sharif government was planning to stop the march.
Moreover, aside from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa supporters, the PTI does not have enough supporters elsewhere who would brave police, tear gas or extreme heat, in an effort to reach the federal capital, which has caused the low turnout. , reported Geo News.
Although he tried to explain to the former prime minister that arriving in Islamabad without a fixed date would be a much more powerful strategy and that it was not a good idea to go to protest without proper planning, Imran Khan turned a deaf ear to the requests.
Previously, the ousted prime minister staged a long protest march on May 25 against the current government, demanding the dissolution of the National Assembly and the holding of the next general election and inviting people to join in large numbers.
Khan, after leaving for Islamabad from the Wali interchange in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Wednesday afternoon, called on “all Pakistanis” to take to the streets in their respective towns and called on women and children to get out of their homes for “true independence”.
The city turned into a battleground on Wednesday as multiple scuffles took place between police and PTI protesters after Imran Khan and his convoy entered the city and started marching towards the D-Chowk despite the Supreme Court’s order to hold a rally on land between H9 and G9 areas of Islamabad.
To control the law and order situation in the Federal Capital, the Pakistani government has deployed Pakistan Army troops to the red zone to protect important government buildings including the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Parliament, Presidency , the Prime Minister’s office and others.

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