King rejects Roos coaching request from Wilson

David King has denied claims by Caroline Wilson that he was trying to entice West Coast coach Adam Simpson to return to Arden Street, saying he did not influence any decisions at the Roos.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Footy Ranked when discussing the declining situation in North Melbourne, Wilson suggested that King had been “desperate” to get Simpson to coach North Melbourne “in the past”.

“If Adam Simpson, who’s really struggling on the west coast right now, dragged them to a flag, but could be coming to the end of his tenure there, not contractually but things aren’t going well, that’s he’s a man from North Melbourne,” she said.

“We know that David King has been desperate to get him back there in the past.”

Simpson and the Eagles are currently feeling the full effect of an injury and COVID crisis, languishing at the bottom of the ladder with just one win to their name.

The Eagles manager has played 306 games for North Melbourne and is one of the club’s greatest.

speaking on SEN’s choices On Thursday night, David King denied claims he had a say in decisions in North Melbourne.

“It kind of pisses me off that line because it comes out all the time,” the North Melbourne champion began, in response to Wilson’s comments.

“If the Kangaroos ring and ask me to do something, I will do it, I’m happy to help.

“Everything I have in life, in one way or another, comes from my Kangaroo origins, so I thank them every day that I wake up.

“So if they ask you to do something, you do it. Do (I) support them? Absolutely, but I don’t have a role at the club, I’m not invested to the point that Caro ( Wilson) thinks I am.

“So it’s a bit difficult because it keeps getting mentioned all the time, Glenn Archer was ringing when he was on the board there (and asking a few questions) and just having a chat, a chat, and then at the end of the call, we might disagree on whatever he put together.

“We regularly disagreed, when they re-signed Brad Scott once, we disagreed about it, we had a good old fashioned half hour chat about it, and in the end we disagreed and we move on.

“It’s football, but I have no influence on the decisions that are made there, I don’t have any. I have no role, Anthony Stevens has been the director of football since Archer left this role, this is his concert.

King continued, “So I’m just frustrated. I think you have to be separated, if you’re going to be in the media you have to be separated. I heard Caro talk about (Adelaide director) Mark Ricciuto (saying), ‘you can’t do both roles’, I heard her talk about (Western Bulldogs director) Luke Darcy… So I don’t hold both roles, I have nothing to do with the decisions the Kangaroos make, nothing at all.

“I’m giving them as much support as possible, I hope they’ll be fine and I hope they go and win a flag one day. But I have nothing to do with it.

“So it frustrates me to keep saying, ‘I’m not doing it’, but I’m grouped the way I do.

“You can’t have it both ways.”

North Melbourne CEO Ben Amarfio made headlines on Thursday and, of Noble, said: ‘He’s our man’, saying the players and staff are ‘happy’ and ‘very engaged’ .

North Melbourne take on top four St Kilda in Round 11, with the Roos hoping for a strong showing after a tough week on the media street.

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