Learn the best way to take vitamins

Dr Yekaterina Matiskina, a Russian nutrition expert, announced that many people take monovitamines without consulting a doctor, posing a danger to their health.

In an interview with Radio “Sputnik”, the expert indicated that multivitamins are designed according to the characteristics of all their components and that each person can take them.

She says: “If a person wants to improve his health in the winter, for example, he can take multivitamin capsules, the components of which are designed in special proportions, and these vitamins do not have therapeutic doses, so they can be taken without the advice of the doctor. recommendation, because they do not present a risk to health. “

She adds a warning, but taking vitamin preparations is dangerous for your health. Because it has specific contraindications and taking it in the wrong doses will have serious consequences. Therefore, it should only be taken on the basis of a medical prescription.

“The doctor orders a blood test to confirm the person’s need for this vitamin or another,” she explains. disturbances in the work of the digestive system. “

She adds that some vitamins cannot be taken together and that it is difficult for a non-specialist to understand the table of compatibility of vitamins between them. So I would never recommend taking two different types of monovitamines at the same time.

She clarified: “Without going back to the calendar of compatibility of vitamins, monovitamines must be taken during meals, the first in the morning, the second in the afternoon and the third in the evening, to avoid a conflict by taking them together. .

And she adds, vitamins can be taken at any time of the day, but they must be taken with water, and it is not recommended to take them with another drink according to “rt”.

She said, “No juice, no tea, no coffee, especially alcohol. If there is no water at hand, vitamins can be taken without water. As for when to take vitamins, for example, vitamins D and C can be taken at any time. time of day before or after eating, However, it is not recommended to take coffee for up to 30-60 minutes after taking vitamins.


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