Lelet NY Hires Ecommerce Manager in New York, NY

In this role, you will be responsible for everything related to e-commerce, including the strategic improvement and optimization of our website and maintaining our product assortment online.

Lelet NY is looking for an E-Commerce Manager who is strategic, tech-savvy and enthusiastic about our product. This role must be in our Manhattan office five (5) days per week. Proof of full COVID-19 vaccination will be required to be eligible for this position.

Functions will include, but are not limited to:
● Leading the ideation, technical development and launch of innovative digital products that allow customers to seamlessly interact with LELET products and website; get cross-functional team members aligned with their vision and requirements
● Ensuring that our customers’ online shopping experiences are transparent from home page to checkout by systematically performing a series of checks on product pages, category pages, cross-sells, keywords search and navigation elements
● Responsible for the proper setup and optimization of all collection pages including filters, navigation placement and SEO friendly language
● Oversee the implementation of new e-commerce applications and technologies; proactively seek out value-added improvements
● Working hand in hand with our web developers, as a LELET advocate, to ensure that development is executed according to business requirements; assist developers in the implementation of the product in test environments
● Created reports analyzing sales and marketing campaigns, resulting in data-driven recommendations
● Manage and collaborate with E-Commerce Associate
● Managed the product catalog ensuring correct configuration of end-to-end items, product attributes, product photography, pricing, copyright and activation
● Oversee the merchandising of the collection pages of our website; ensure all collections are up to date with marketing calendars and sort products by relevance
● Collaborated with customer service to understand customer feedback and requests for site improvements and product requests


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