Lisa Rinna on what worries her about the new season of RHOBH, Kyle

Lisa Rinna shares what worries her about the new RHOBH season, calls Kyle the "Leader" of the show and blames memory loss on sleeping pills, and reveals a cast member who didn't cry during season 12

Lisa Breast believes Kyle Richards is the unofficial “head” of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – and she’s not the only one feeling this.

As Lisa and Kyle were joined by Erika Jayne on Teddi Mellencamp‘s podcast on Monday, the cast agreed that Kyle is the glue that holds the show together before Lisa explains the memory loss she exhibited in previous seasons and reveals why she made the decision to continue. to film RHOBH after the tragic death of his mother, Lois Rinna.

“Even though we had our disagreement, I can’t think of any time I thought Kyle was dirty,” Erika said of Kyle on Two Tees in a Pod April 25. “I have often thought that there was no [RHOBH] without Kyle.

“I agree. We see Kyle as our leader,” Lisa explained.

While many felt that Lisa exhibited practical memory loss over the years on RHOBHshe said that in regards to her forgetfulness and the resulting infamous math equation meme, she found a flaw in the sleeping pill known as Restoril, which WebMD lists as having side effects like memory loss.

“For about four years I took sleeping pills…I took them every night because I could guarantee I was going to sleep. So what I can tell you is this sleeping pill is fucking erasing your memory,” Lisa explained. “I finally understood because I no longer take sleeping pills.”

“I testify because I was on the same,” confirmed Erika. “[And] we are not looking for excuses. We tell you what happened.

At a particular moment in the middle RHOBH season seven, Kyle confronted Lisa about comments she learned about Kim Richard‘ sobriety. And, while Kyle recalls having the prospect of “I caught Rinna in the act,” Lisa said she “really can’t remember” what she said about Kim at the time. -the.

Moving on to her decision to continue filming RHOBH after Lois passed away, Lisa said she was worried about the reaction from viewers.

“I think it’s going to be difficult because people are going to be like, ‘Why are you working?'” Lisa suspected. “[But] the truth is, my mother would have said, ‘Get on that plane and go to Mexico.’ And that’s finally the decision that I made because what are you going to do? Go home and sit in your room?

At that point, Erika stepped in.

“I have to say something: I know what a good girl you were to Lois, and we all knew Lois. So, I don’t want you to feel guilty about the fact that you had commitments,” Erika told him.

And Kyle said she and her castmates “were here to [Rinna] be a shoulder to lean on.

“I wanted to come with you because what else do you do after you lose a parent? Are you supposed to go to your room and just sit and cry?” Lisa noted. work. Who doesn’t have to show up for their job? In fact, I’m not sad to do it in public because I think heartbreak is such a taboo. It’s something you don’t talk about. It’s a process, and I’m here to show you how I did it. You’ll see it all.

Additionally, on the podcast, Teddi asked if everyone was crying during RHOBH season 12.

“Have I cried this season?” Erika wonders.

But her co-stars seemed to think that was a dumb question.

“Listen, I tried to put a lot of shit out of my [head]. I try to block a lot of sh-t! Erika fired back.

Lisa, meanwhile, got a little clearer about the events of the season, especially after she stopped her sleeping pills, and said she thought everyone was crying but Garcelle Beauvais.

“I don’t think Garcelle cried. Everyone cried that I can remember, everyone. But I don’t know about Garcelle,” she admitted.

Kyle also weighed in, saying, “[Sutton Stracke] always cry, like me.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 12 premieres May 11 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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