Local doctors say one-way masking works, if it’s the right kind


As the CDC reflects on new mask recommendations, doctors advise putting on N95 for better protection.

Health experts advise wearing N95 masks for better protection. Rogelio V. Solis / AP

You are fully immunized and wear a mask, but others around you are not covering themselves.

Should we be worried?

Two doctors with local connections say no, as long as you are wearing something that offers adequate protection.

Abraar Karan – an infectious disease specialist at Stanford and former resident of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School – said Atlantic that everyone should update their masks, and for healthcare workers, N95 should be mandatory.

“These masks are literally designed to block infectious aerosols,” he told the magazine.

Later, he tweeted that one-way masking works.

“For many, they have no choice – they are immunocompromised, they live in a warrant-free zone,” he said. “For them, I hope that a high filtration respirator can always protect them.”

Dr Shira Doron – epidemiologist and director of antimicrobial stewardship at Tufts Medical Center – said we have reached the point in the pandemic “where it has become unsustainable to depend on others for protection.”

Fortunately, if you want to avoid COVID at all costs, you don’t have to rely on someone else’s mask compliance. ” she tweeted in a link to the same article.

According to The Washington PostThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is considering updating their mask guidelines, recommending people opt for the highly protective N95 or KN95 masks worn by healthcare workers. Studies show that N95 reduces the absorption of coronavirus particles by the carrier by 57 to 86%, according to The New York Times.

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