“Madeb”, “Jelmouda” Shine in Dubai Crown Prince Cup Dating Competitions

Dubai (Etihad)
The activities of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai Camel Festival continued, on the original Arabian Camel Fields masterpiece at Al Marmoom, with the participation of around 1900 rides to the challenges of the era of meetings to cross the tribes, which took place over 22 morning rounds, and 18 evening rounds, the first four of which were devoted to the symbols of the challenge era. .
“Jalmouda” with the slogan of Salem Saeed Manana Al-Ketbi was the most prominent title in the main round of the first open race, as he managed to win the Cup of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai after winning took the lead with a time of 7: 20: 5 minutes, and attributing “Exact” its owner Saeed Jaber Abdullah Muhammad an Al-Laqaya Al-Jad’an Al-Muhjanet Al-Otaibi rifle, after linking the marvelous performance to obtaining distinguished timing which ensured his victory, reached 7: 17: 8 minutes.
Mohammed Al-Awadi Yahya Al-Menhali’s logo dominated His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai’s Cup for the first generation of production, by “Manhattan”, which cut the course in a time of 7:18: 9 minutes, and the production rifle Al-Laqaya Al-Jaadan went to “Shabab” belonging to Saeed Ahmed Saeed bin Helwa. Al Ketbi, who excelled in Game 4 and put his feet on the finish line when the time hands showed 7:19: 8 min.
The “Antelope,” the king of Saif Salem Al-Nayli Al-Shamsi, won the main race for the local virgins in the first rounds of the Dating Age for Métis Tribes, which took place in the period of morning, and the “Antelope” reached the finish line in 7:30: 6 minutes.
Al-Obour, its owner, Muhammad Ali Hazeem Al-Musafari, gave the first place to the firstborn hybrids in the second half, clocking 7:24: 7 minutes.
“Majestic” decided Al-Laqaya Al-Jaadan Al-Mahjanat’s turn in Game 4, and his owner Saeed Obaid gave Al-Dabai’a Al-Ketbi Al-Namus a time of 7: 24: 2 minutes.
Attention turns this morning and tonight to Al Marmoom Square, which will see the first appearance of Their Highnesses the Sheikhs’ hybrids through their participation in the challenges of the Dating Age, which will take place over 33 rounds spread over the morning. and in the evening. .
On the other hand, the Al Marmoum Camel Square platform hosted the activities of the first day of the ninth Al Marmoum (B) auction for personal production (Fatamin), during which 68 camels out of the 271 contained in the booklet four-day auction, all descended from high-end breeds in the world of camel racing. .
Zamoul Storm Camel continued her shine and formed an elegant presence on the first day of the auction, where Mahfouz bin Khamis Al-Junaibi acquired the reel, the knight’s daughter “Al-Asifa” and her mother, “Sudanese” for 120 thousand dirhams, and the bidder, Muhammad Mubarak bin Markhan, won the ownership of the reel, which descends from the dynasty of Father Sarab.Al-Azoum was born “Sheikh Tahnoun bin Muhammad’s camel” and mother ” Ajayib “for 110 thousand dirhams.
Muhammad Hamad Saeed Al-Hashemi did not miss the opportunity of the distinguished production offered by the auction and paid 110 thousand dirhams to obtain the reel bint Al-Wasmi and his mother “Masihah”, and Al-Hashimi has bought for the same amount the seat of Ibn Sukkar “Al-Asifa” and the mother “Nassih”.


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