Make it Out to Maker’s Market LA

Making stuff is more than a hobby for a lot of people, and in Los Angeles there’s a lot of talented people creating cool things to wear, decorate the home, eat and drink. Beyond supporting art and community, buying from local creators allows for individuality and uniqueness. The pandemic put a damper on many large scale shopping events, moving a lot of crafters to Etsy. But outdoor gatherings like Maker’s Market LA provide a preferable in-person experience with a chance to see, touch and try on wares. The February market boasts some really fun items including Niko Beth Jewelry, Clay Terroir, Megan Rose Ruiz, Magic Mama, Vision Quest Shoes, Sanctuary Goods and many more. Get some sunshine today and as the MM organizers say, “stop shopping the mall, start shopping small.” Sat., Feb. 19 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. 1966 Hillhurst Ave.

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