Make Oakbank great again: Trainer Kirsten Mooney wants to move on after landslide election result

Oakbank coach Kirsten Mooney urges pro-jumps activists to turn themselves in and accept the race club election results.

After months of legal action and threats, Oakbank coach Kirsten Mooney wants pro-jump agitators to move on and give the club a chance to thrive again after the landslide election results were revealed.

Determined to quell any lingering doubts about the legitimacy of the results of the June 10 extraordinary general meeting, where the former Oakbank Racing Club committee was reinstalled, chairman Arabella Branson disclosed the vote breakdown in an email. to members.

Of the club’s 771 members, 67% submitted a valid vote, with candidates for the pro-jumps committee receiving only 33%.

About 10 percent of members submitted slips that were deemed invalid by the independent auditor — either emailed, delivered in the wrong envelope, or received after the polls closed — but if included, the margin was even bigger – 71 percent for the existing committee and only 29 percent for the pro-jumps team.

“Even if each of the 181 members who did not vote had voted for the pro-jumps candidates, the current committee would still have been elected by a comfortable majority,” Branson said in the email.

“These pro-jump advocates asked for a vote, and they got it.”

The result is set to end an acrimonious eight months for everyone involved, with the professional jumping team trying to take control of the club after claiming the committee failed to protest enough when Racing SA took the decision to quit. to schedule jump races in the state last year.

They wanted to take control of Oakbank and try to force Racing SA to reverse this decision, although the governing body confirmed that it was final.

Even with the landslide result, some members of the pro-jumps movement have spoken of more legal action or calling another special general meeting, but Mooney, one of the longtime coaches at the iconic venue, is categorical: it is time to move on. forward.

“It’s just soul destroying to see what’s happened to the club,” Mooney said.

“I don’t have a preference for or against jumps – I’ve had jumps in the past – but I think unfortunately it ran and ended in South Australia.

“I just hope Oakbank and the committee have the time and ability to channel whatever funds they have left into making Oakbank great again.”

“All of their time was spent trying to fight this battle of egos which I think was absolutely ridiculous.

“The election was a landslide – the members have spoken. He put an end to any doubt whatsoever.

“I don’t see how calling another special general meeting will change that at all.”

Mooney, who saddles stable favorite Love Magic in Morphettville on Saturday, thinks it’s time for those holding the club back to fade away, allow the community to heal and focus on the positives ahead.

“Nothing feeds on negativity, I’m a big believer in that in my own training,” she said.

“If there are people around who are negative, they can go because the horses aren’t thriving and the clubs aren’t thriving.

“It would be great to see Oakbank be able to get back on their feet without Covid and without the meanness, the negativity that has plagued them recently.

“We just want the Oakbank excitement back.”

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