Man rescued from chimney: firefighters in Maryland

Montgomery County, Md., Said a man was rescued after becoming trapped in the chimney of a house that was not his own. The photos show bricks torn from the wall.

Screenshot of Pete Piringer’s Twitter page

Firefighters were seen removing bricks from the wall of a house as they attempted to reach a man trapped in his chimney.

Man apparently did not live at home, Maryland officials said.

He sort of has stuck in the chimney from a house in Silver Spring before crews came to rescue him, according to the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service.

Ibrar Khan said his family were enjoying a fire and watching a movie inside the house before hearing mysterious rustles in early January 8, WRC-TV reported.

“I kept hearing very loud banging noises, thumping noises, like something was hitting the wall,” Khan told the outlet.

A video posted to Twitter shows firefighters using their hands to tear up the wall over his fireplace in an attempt to free a man trapped inside. The man was then taken to safety, firefighter spokesman Pete Piringer said in a tweet that included footage of an ambulance.

After the test, a hole was left above the chimney, and a pile of bricks littered the tarp-covered floor of the house, according to photos shared Jan.8 on Twitter.

Officials said crews helped police respond to the incident, which was reported at Dameron Drive and Forest Glen Road, just outside of Washington, DC

Although firefighters said the man would not be a resident of the house, they did not say if he knew the people who lived there. Shiera Goff, spokesperson for Montgomery County Police Department, said the person was hoping to break into the house, OMCP reported.

Montgomery County Fire & Rescue did not immediately respond to McClatchy News’ requests for additional information on January 10.

Simone Jasper is a reporter covering breaking news for The News & Observer and real-time news in the Carolinas.


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