Mascot Towers owners’ plea for help

Labor leader Chris Minns said former better regulation minister Kevin Anderson had vowed that the government would provide the owners with rental support for the duration of any legal action they pursued over the matter.

He said there was still legal action on foot relating to the damaged building and, despite the change in minister, the Perrottet government needed to stand by its initial commitment to continue providing assistance.

More than 130 residents were forced to evacuate the building in Sydney's inner south after cracks were detected nearly three years ago.

More than 130 residents were forced to evacuate the building in Sydney’s inner south after cracks were detected nearly three years ago.Credit:Kate Geraghty

“[The decision to end the support is] in complete contradiction to the thoughts and the commitments made by the previous responsible minister, and we want to make sure that this is a government that is held to account,” Mr Minns said.

Labor’s Better Regulation spokeswoman Courtney Houssos said the situation had taken an “incredible and devastating financial and mental toll” on residents, and they deserved for the government to keep its promise.


Ms Houssos said some residents had moved up to six times since the incident, and one family had to move to Nowra, south of Sydney, due to the strain on their finances.

She said owners faced strata payments of $20,000 a year on average to help fund remediation works and legal costs.

“They need this support now, more than ever. They have seen their major financial investment – ​​and their home – dissolve before their eyes.

“They need support, they need the accommodation support, and it must be continued until the conclusion of their legal action.”

Ms Petinos said earlier this year the government had extended the rental subsidies for owners on five other occasions in three years, and had helped residents with more than $9.5 million in support across 91 claims.

Her office was contacted for comment.

The damage to Mascot Towers, and the evacuation of the 36-storey Opal Tower at Olympic Park on Christmas Eve 2018 due to cracks, forced the NSW government to change regulations for the construction industry.

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