Massive Coca-Cola Data Breach by Pro-Russian Hackers Reportedly Investigated: Here Are the Details

Meanwhile, Elon Musk joked that he would then buy Coca-Cola and hand over the cocaine.

Coca-Cola, the multinational soft drink brand, has allegedly been breached by a pro-Russian hacker group called Stormous. The report comes from The Register, to which the Coke brand revealed its ongoing investigation. The company is apparently aware of the data loss claim and is working with law enforcement to resolve the issue.

Coca-Cola Hack: Details

Stormy Coca-Cola

Pro-Kremlin hacker group Stormous has documented around 161 gigabytes of hacked Coca-Cola data on the dark web. The list reads: “We have hacked into some of the company’s (Coca-Cola) servers and transmitted a large amount of data there without their knowledge and we want to sell it to someone else.”

The hackers are selling the leaked data from Coca-Cola for around $64,000 in cryptocurrency. He also adds that the price could be negotiated “depending on how much data you want”.

This Coca-Cola data was leaked on April 24, 2022, and since then the victim, i.e. Coca-Cola, has made a statement.

Coca-Cola Communications Global Vice President Scott Leith told the Register, “We are aware of this matter and are investigating to determine the validity of the claim. We are coordinating with law enforcement.”

Coca Cola stormy

A few days before the hack, Stomrous apparently held a poll on his Telegram group asking his followers which brand he should target and Coca-Cola received around 72% of the vote.

Coming to the why of it all, the hacker gang had previously posted that “if any party in different parts of the world decides to stage a cyber attack or cyber attacks against Russia, we will be in the right direction and do everything our efforts to abandon the West’s plea, especially infrastructure.”

So that’s the world we live in. As American author and computer security consultant Kevin Mitnick notes, “Hackers break systems for profit. Before, it was all about intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of knowledge and thrills, and now hacking is big business.”

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