Melton: Dramatic west Melbourne police car chase caught on film

A witness to the dangerous west Melbourne car chase has emerged after the alleged crime spree was caught on camera.

A man at the center of a dramatic police chase in Melbourne’s west has broken his silence on the ordeal.

Alex Pjanic’s car was cut off by a rogue driver in Melton at 9.30am before the driver proceeded to cause chaos on the roads in the dead-end area, which was caught on camera.

“Our car spun a few times, got into oncoming traffic, missed a few vehicles,” he told 3AW.

“The driver and the passenger we are trying to leave, a few people were trying to stop her.

“Everyone kind of backed off and let him go.”

Mr Pjanic’s 63-year-old mother was taken to hospital after the other driver quickly fled.

The chaos continued to unfold in Melton, in the Outer West, shortly after noon.

Police were told the man had been involved in the nearby two-car crash at around 9.30am that morning, where he allegedly produced a gun and threatened Mr Pjanic.

However, the alleged savage madness had just started with the man accused of committing an aggravated burglary at a house in the suburbs around 11.30am.

There, he allegedly threatened the occupants of the house with a gun before stealing a Kia Sportage vehicle.

The vehicle was reportedly driven in an erratic and dangerous manner, at high speeds, often crossing the wrong side of the road and sometimes going completely off the road.

The chase was finally ended after the car was rammed by a police vehicle and the alleged assailant was taken to the ground by officers from Victoria Police.

“The vehicle was reportedly driven in an erratic and dangerous manner, at high speed, often crossing on the wrong side of the road and sometimes driving off the road completely,” a spokeswoman said.

A 24-year-old man from Box Hill has been arrested and is currently assisting police with their investigations.

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