MI man charged with hate crimes over nooses and lynching threats at Starbucks

A burning Venti mug of rancid racism, coming soon!

Protests over the death of George Floyd in New York

Credit: Andrew Lichtenstein/Getty

For people so desperate to erase this country’s racist past, these bitter fanatics sure know how to take a page out of the history books they want banned. When the Karens aren’t twisting their fingers off the phone to call the police on innocent black people, their counterparts spice it up with old-fashioned nooses and lynching threats. BNC News reports Kenneth Pilon has been charged with hate crimes for terrorizing the residents of Saginaw, Michigan since the George Floyd the protests began in June 2020.

The United States Department of Justice has charged the 61-year-old with six counts of interfering with federally protected business by stalking and intimidating locals. Black Lives Matter supporters. How racist do you have to be to catch a case when Michigan cops barely get a slap on the wrist for killing unarmed black people in cold blood? Well, instead of mundane racist messages online, Pilon went above and beyond to deliver the hate personally by leaving racist messages and paraphernalia all over town.

According to police, Pilon left nooses and notes that read, “An accessory to wear with your ‘BLM’ t-shirt. Good demonstration! anywhere in the city, including in a Goodwill parking lot, inside a beverage cooler at a 7-Eleven, and in a Walmart parking lot.

Even a white and Mexican woman named Regina Simon says she was one of many victims targeted by Pilon because her husband at the time Donald Simon was black and she believes the deranged deplorable spotted her in a BLM shirt. The day after she wore it, Simon found one of the nooses and notes inside his car.

“When he got in his truck, he noticed on the side of the door that there was this noose with a note attached,” she said Wednesday. “At first I think it’s a joke, that someone is trying to be funny, but then I think it’s not funny. I can’t understand that this racism is still alive.

Starbucks was criticized for addressing racism with empty gestures when the company announced it would provide BLM t-shirts to any employees who wanted one, but that was enough for Pilon to throw tantrums more insignificant. The coffee chain isn’t exactly the headquarters of the Black Panther Party. In fact, the shirt giveaway came after some backlash because Starbucks Bans BLM Equipment when protests resumed following the death of George Floyd. Yet the police affidavit indicates that after the minimal gesture, Pilon harassed Starbucks staff with threatening phone calls.

“Tell Starbucks employees wearing Black Lives Matter shirts that the only good n-word is a dead n-word,” Pilon allegedly told one of the employees. He told another he didn’t like the new shirts and said he was going to “go out and lynch me a n-word”.

How long did this guy have on his hands? Federal authorities say Pilon wanted to intimidate anti-racism supporters “to lawfully participate in speeches and peaceful rallies opposing the denial of the right of black people to the protection and services of the police without brutality.”

Pilon could face a fine or up to six years behind bars, one for each of the hate crime charges against him.

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