Michael Fabricator slammed for ‘disgusting’ joke about Tory MP accused of rape

Tory MP Michael Fabricator has been slammed for making a ‘disgusting’ joke after a colleague of his was arrested on suspicion of rape.

The backbench MP tweeted: ‘I expect a strong turnout from Tory MPs for Prime Minister’s Questions today.

“Not just to demonstrate their unwavering support for Boris! BUT also to prove that they are NOT the ones the Chief Whip told to stay home. I will be there!”

He signed the post with a winking face emoji, prompting one social media user to comment, “What a disgusting tweet.”

In the tweet, he also shared a link to a story in The Telegraph which was headlined: “Tory MP arrested on suspicion of rape.

Labor MP for Warrington North, Charlotte Nichols, hit back: “One of the darkest things about Labor at Westminster is not just the regularity with which allegations of rape and sexual assault are brought up, but the fact that the likes of Maker here trivialize them as a laughing stock or quirky gossip with emoji.

Former Labor MP Paula Sherriff added: ‘It is, at best, highly inappropriate and at worst, sick and frankly, depraved.

“What kind of person doesn’t care about allegations of aggravated sexual assault and misconduct in public office? You’re supposed to lead by example, be a role model… for God’s sake, start acting like one.

Another social media user curtly added: ‘Ha ha the Tories have a good laugh that one of their own is facing rape charges.’

A Twitter user added, “His colleague’s arrest and 7-year rape and sexual assault charge is apparently a big joke on Michael.”

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