Mijatovic starts war between Real Madrid and Valencia!

Madrid (Union)

The game between Real Madrid and Valencia is often one of the highlights of every La Liga season, and the historic rivalry between Spain’s first and third largest cities has always been fierce on and off the pitch, and both clubs have two of the largest and most famous stadiums in Spain.
Fans of “Bats” and “Los Blancos” believe winning is the only requirement when they meet today, “Saturday”, when competition between them erupted almost a quarter of a century ago, especially since Pedrag Mijatovic joined Real Madrid in 1996, after three successful seasons. In Valencia, during which he became a symbol of the club and one of the best players in Europe, this move caused a gap between two historic teams, proud of their roots and the treasury of the cup, which has has competed with each other in the last quarter of an intense century, and has formed one of the strongest competitions in Spain, and a match that can not be The ability to predict its outcome and the drama it carries.
Pedrag Mijatovic’s transfer hasn’t been the only player swap between the two clubs in history, but neither has caused the same tension in Spanish football as then, with many players wearing the shirts. blanks from both teams over the years. .
In the thirties of the last century, Simon Lecco, the Spanish international who won the Copa del Rey in 1936 with Real Madrid, and the title of champion of Spain 1943-1944 with Valencia, was among the players who raised the “La Liga” cup with one or both teams, and there is also Kiki. Sanchez Flores, who moved from Valencia to Madrid in 1994 – famous for a successful coaching career with Valencia and Atletico Madrid, and Santi Canizares – who went the other way in 1998.
Madrid legend Alfredo Di Stefano is one of the few men to have coached both sides as well, as he consolidated the harvest of his eight La Liga titles after a successful career at the Bernabeu by winning the title in his first season 1970- 1971 at Mestalla stadium.
In the current squad led by Carlo Ancelotti and José Bordalas, we find three players who have played for both teams, one of them is Denis Researchv, a graduate of Real Madrid’s La Fabrica Youth Academy, who has made his “Liga” debut with “Los Blancos” with a 1-0 victory over Granada in September 2015, the Russia international also represented Sevilla and Villarreal during his stint in “La Liga”, although he was now in Valencia, where he has certainly established his feet.
There’s Isco, who joined Valencia’s youth sector at the age of 14 in 2006, and quickly rose through the ranks of the youth sector teams, becoming a big star in the Valencia Mestalla youth squad. , and during the 2010-2011 season, he helped the team move up to the Spanish second division, “La Liga Smart Bank”, as he played his first “La Liga” match with the first team Valencia in November 2010 when he was just 18, competing from the bench in the 2-0 win over Getafe, and the Andalusian spent a spell at his home club Malaga before reaching the Bernabeu in 2013 .
Finally, there’s Hugo Douro, the 21-year-old Madrid striker, who has just arrived in Valencia on loan from Getafe. Last season he was on loan with the reserve side Real Madrid but coach Zinedine Zidane then brought him to the first team after an impressive performance with the reserve current Valencia coach Jose Bordalas knows him well , of course during his time at Getafe, so he brought it with him this season.


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