Mission District businesses thrilled with return of San Francisco Carnival

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — After a pandemic pause, the San Francisco Carnival parade and festivities are in full swing and locals, like Enrique Barrow, are dancing with joy.

“For us Latinos, Carnival means celebrating our heritage, our music, our friendship and our families,” Barrow said.

On Sunday, Mission Street will be the site of the main event – the parade – returning for the first time since before the pandemic. People who work or dine at Café La Taza will have a front row seat.

“Carnival is the perfect place to lift your spirits,” said Cinthia Rooney, who works at Café La Taza. “It’s one of the happiest times on Mission Street,” added co-manager Carlos Martinez.

The two are looking forward to seeing the community come together again for Mission District’s much-loved celebration.

The theme this year: ‘Colores de Amor.’

“Colores de Amor means the colors of love and it’s basically the unity across all the different cultures that is San Francisco in a nutshell,” Rooney said.

As the festival and parade enter the new decade, Martinez and Rooney are about to launch their own business.

They are introducing a new business to the Mission District called Bar Taza or TZA.

“I think Carnival is maybe our big opening,” Martinez said.

That’s another reason to celebrate.

“Celebrating life is a very big thing right now,” Rooney said.

The parade will begin Sunday at 9:30 a.m. It will start at 24th and Bryant streets, go up Mission and end at Harrison and 15th.

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