Mofeed Fawzy reveals the reason for his admission to the hospital after the death of the artist Samir Sabry… this illness from which he suffers!

Reporter, Mofeed Fawzy, reassured the public about his health after the recent crisis, saying he is now in good health, noting that he was admitted to hospital after suffering from drunkenness.

Mufeed Fawzi added, during a telephone interview with Dr. Muhammad Al-Baz, on the program “Akher Al-Nahar” broadcast on the satellite channel “Al-Nahar”: “Sugar is not treated with passion, I went to the hospital at the request of a friend, spent 48 hours there and was discharged the next day after carrying out tests.” .

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And he added: “I miss sugar sometimes, and it’s important for those over forty to measure sugar, and I brought a device, but I don’t know how to manage devices, and I go to the pharmacy.”

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The journalist, Mofeed Fawzy, was exposed to a serious health problem, following which he entered the hospital following the death of the artist Samir Sabry, to return to reassure his fans about his health.

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